Essay Example: People's Differences in Learning Experiences Responsible for Differences in Behavior

Published: 2023-09-24
 Essay Example: People's Differences in Learning Experiences Responsible for Differences in Behavior
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Yes, I agree with Watson’s view that differences in learning experiences among people from when they are healthy infants are liable for their behavioral differences. Learning occurs in various environments (Domjan, 2014). Depending on the type of surroundings one has when taught, their behavior will match the impact of what they have learned and the interactions one has experienced. Genetics does not play a significant role in influencing learning and behavioral differences in people, especially if they are conditioned from birth. For instance, when dealing with twins separated from birth, their behaviors will differ through adulthood (Williams et al., 2008). The existence of different environments shapes who a child becomes in the future. When growing up in a loving surrounding where education is vital for success, the child’s behavior and mentality develop with the same view. Besides, when one grows up in a family where success can be achieved before attaining a certain education level through entrepreneurship, their behavior imitates this knowledge. Generally, the differences in young adults depend on their background when developing through childhood (Baum, 2016). People are beings who copy what they are taught, thus implementing it and portraying what they have learned through their behavior.

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Aspects of Human Experience that are Unexplainable using Behaviorism

Despite the impact of behaviorism in people coming from what is learned, some aspects of the human experience are unexplained using behaviorism (Coxon, 2015). Time, thoughts, and emotions cannot be explained through learning as an influence on one’s behavior. Just like behavior can be learned, it can be unlearned. Thoughts and feelings are innate and fluctuate with time, depending on the experience an individual has in his/her surrounding (Illeris, 2018). Time as a constant differs from the experiences one has other than their way of doing things. People easily remember a time using the emotions they had at the time for vivid thoughts. Behaviorism cannot explain human experience when dealing with time, feelings, and opinions.


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