Free Essay: Patients with Active Labor, Postpartum Fetal Demise, And RSV Isolation

Published: 2022-03-21
Free Essay: Patients with Active Labor, Postpartum Fetal Demise, And RSV Isolation
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Active labor is that moment when the cervix of a patient dilates from around four centimetres to 7 centimetres and stays regarded as complete and set to push. It is easy for moms to know when they have reached this stage of labour (Hulya Dede, 2015). The contractions abruptly necessitate more attention; one can't talk or walk, the pain gets severe, and most moms will require pain relief. Postpartum fetal demise is used to refer to stillbirth that is when a baby dies in the uterus of a mother. It is one of the most devastating moments of a mother and thus she ought to get assistance through the physical process. The most effective way to prevent influenza is vaccination. Patients that are suspected or confirmed to have RSV in hospitals should get isolated in a private room on contact and droplet measures ( Rafiq, 2015).

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Probable effects of the patient's medical conditions

Active labor deprives sleep of the patient making them very tired. Postpartum fetal demise causes stress and depression in the mothers thus they need to be given maximum emotional support.

Common Therapies and interventions

Medical interventions are common in active labour, and it is vital for the patient to know the benefits, risk, and alternatives. Electronic fetal monitoring is used to assess the uterine contractions and how the baby responds to them. Induction is another intervention used whereby labour is induced artificially (Flagg, 2014). Episiotomy gets used in the pushing stage. It is a surgical slash to the premium and muscle beneath it usually conducted in the anus and vagina (Hulya Dede, 2015). Vaginal misoprostol is an effective treatment for terminating impractical pregnancies before twenty-four weeks. In comparison to a placebo, it speeds up the process of miscarriage and decreases the requirement for uterine curettage. The stronghold of therapy for respiratory syncytial virus infection in a child is supportive care. Outpatient management can be reasonable if the baby can take fluids by mouth and stand room air.

Effects of these treatments

Nubain-Active labor

Nubain is a narcotic pain reliever used during active labour and promotes rest in between the contractions. It may cause sleepiness thus the mother might not be able to focus enough or rather she might not be as alert as she is supposed to be during childbirth.

Acetaminophen-oxyCODONE- Postpartum fetal demise

This medication could slow the rate of breathing, and in cases of misuse, death could occur. It also causes life intimidating withdrawal signs in the infant.

Albuterol-RSV Isolation

Albuterol is a bronchodilator used in the treatment of wheezing and breathing difficulties like asthma. When used is RSV, it may cause nervousness, trembling, vomiting, wooziness and headache. The doctor should be informed abruptly when the signs persevere.

Data you need to know before beginning your assessment

You should know about the biophysical profile referred as BPP test. This test helps see the condition of the baby's health during pregnancy. It is recommendable if the mother is past the due date or have are highly prone to problems during pregnancy. You should also know if the baby will stay healthy during in the course of labour contractions. The HIV status of the mother is also a critical aspect.

What to notice in a patient's room

I will make sure to discern if the patient in labour is showing signs of sleepiness or is alert enough. I will also listen to the movement of the baby to know if the infant is alive or not. I will note if the patient has difficulties in breathing and most importantly if the due date is prior, due or late.


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