Essay Example on Nestle Company Research

Published: 2019-06-10
Essay Example on Nestle Company Research
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Swiss transnational food and beverage company Nestle is the largest food company in the world with branches allover. This company classifies its jobs in several departments and there exists at least 12 different departments which employ people. These departments and their job advertisements can easily be accessed on their website. The departments include Finance, Logistics, Tech services, Human resource, Administration, Maintenance and factory among others. Each department has a separate phone number and from this we can easily tell that Nestle is a very diverse and large company compared to other multinational companies. Also it can be assumed that due to Nestle company considering each department as a separate entity then most likely each of these departments is headed by a vice president (, 2015).

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To determine how several factors assist in deciding the mix of host country and home employees in the company, the following are my thoughts about the given subjects:-

The type of international assignment would assist in choosing the best qualified candidate not only in their skills but also in consideration of other factors like foreign language skills, personality and temperament among others. This would give the company easy task while choosing the candidate best suited for the job while considering their age and work experience.

The language and culture preparedness matters for the comfort and output of an employee. For instance Nestle cannot risk taking an employee who is a Christian to the Muslim community. This would hinder the employee from exhausting their abilities.

The length of the assignment would matter in such a way that for the visitors, at least their marriage status and their family size should be considered before assigning someone either a short or long contract. This would give the company incite on who the best candidate is.

The home country and host recruitment practices matter because some companies advertise jobs on their notice board outside the company or recruit employees based on their relatives working in the company and some advertisement on their websites. If all the recruitment practices are considered then the company can be able to recruit the best and suitable candidate for the job.

Staff availability and skill set of both the host and home country provide the company with a pool of individual with required skills from which the best employee can be chosen based on several factors in consideration.

The Nestle company has several benefits for its employees for instance there are health insurance covers depending on the how large the family is to make sure the employees families are in good health so as to motivate them. Their living standards are improved by being provided with housings and also subsidizing their rents and mortgages. Also they have a pension plan, performance bonus, retirement plans so as to motivate their employees. The company also has accidental death and dismemberment insurance cover for families in case of death of their employees in the line of duty. There are also relocation plans for employees and this mostly depends on where the employees families live. They also have repatriation plans for their employees so that they can retain the employee after the assignment. All the above benefits can be expected of a multinational company like Nestle.

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