Free Essay Sample about Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril-Urban Center in America

Published: 2022-04-11
Free Essay Sample about Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril-Urban Center in America
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With the rapid technological development and globalization at the same time, the world is increasingly integrating on various social an economic front. With what is happening, one of the highest growth companies that are existing in the transport industries is facing various problems, which could interfere with the overall growth. Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril-Urban centers in America is recognized as one fastest growing companies that have specialized in general transportation. The organization is acclaimed for the delivery of friendly services and high-quality products. Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center is one of the leading transport organization in the American Transport industry regarding profitability, market share and the general financial stability. However, in the recent past, the company has been going through various opportunities and challenges from economic, political, technological and sociopolitical factors and this will, in the long run, impact the future and the existing market. In this regard, the paper will provide a broader exploration of the Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center using the PEST analysis and the readiness of the organization to make a great profit and in making sure that the company is efficiently operating in the market.

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Political Factors

In the United States of America, the government is tasked with the general responsibility of having to take care of their citizens. And for some of the reasons they are in place to regulate the manufacturing standards and of an organization like Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center. On the other hand, some of the changes in the international and domestic regulation and international law demand the Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center to come up with some of the general changes. In the long, it is important to note that such shocks are not in place to make a great impact on the general revenue since the organization has focused on staying relevant and maintaining the general profitability. Through this the company has made sure that their risk is distributed in various areas. These are the political activities, the government regulations and policies affecting the company's operation in America. Disputed elections normally cause civil-unrest that directly affects the mobility of citizens of a country hence low profits to the transportation companies. On the other hand, unfavourable government policies like increasing oil price, the imposition of high import duty on the import of motor vehicles, the imposition of unrealistic parking fees are such a significant threat not only to the operation of the company but also in its mission of expansion to cover huge customer base. Even though the company has shown signs of development, the goal can only be achieved through affirmative policies effected as an obligation by government to help improve the transport sector.

Economic Factors

Technically, there exist various economic factors which are viewed to be above the Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center. Some of this economic factor include the level of economic growth, changes in labor cost, various changes experience in the general tax rate, infrastructural development and the general change in the regional development. It is important to note that change in the general tax rate is significant and it has widely affected Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center and the general transport firms. From an economic aspect, the tax rate increase will end up reducing the general profit margin while on the other hand, the decrease will demonstrate a negative operation in that it will bring a greater impact on the organization's profit margin. When the cost of production is very high, it will influence the performance of Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center in various regions. On the other hand, when the cost of production is high, it will facilitate in the discouraging the company from having to invest in specific areas while when the production cost is very low the general prospect of generating profit will also increase. However, the economic growth in America is a general implication that most of the people will increase the overall purchasing power (Rode, et al.2017). Hence the company will work in the direction of having to come up with more profit. It is important to also note that cases of devaluation of currency can be a major factor that has impacted the general growth of the company. To ensure profitability and general efficiency, the company is supposed to take advantage of times when there is a good economic performance in the United States. This is one of the strategy that has cushioned Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center from some of the external economic shocks which was as a result of the two thousand and two when the economy was going through great recession. Generally, the company is capable of adopting the mention strategy when it comes achieving exemplary results.

On the other hand, it is important to note that, these are the market factors that affect the operation of a company, a good example being during the great economic recession that hit the country some years back. This was a real threat to Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril-Urban Centers company which made the Company struggle resulting to serious cut on their operations, many jobs were lost, and the company had to even relocate from their initial office to small-size office to remain in the industry. The high interest and inflation rates led to the hike in commuter coaches consequently many customers resolved to use bikes as ways of cutting down on costs. Since the Company initially showed signs of improved revenue, it never got to expand their base since the adoption of other mobility means made the company rethink on that proposal.

Social Factors

The general social factors that have made a great impact on Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center is the growing campaign of other competitive transport industry. On the other hand, the social structure and composition regarding age groups, gender, race, and skin colour is also an external factor that affects company's operation. The company was founded at the time when cases of racism were common in America. It was such a threat because it was viewed as for certain groups of people hence promoting a certain cultural belief. Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril-Urban Centers was aware of this by incorporating among its employee's diverse types of people from the various societal setup. This was seen as strength especially in making people subscribe to these coaches.

Technological Factors

It is important to note that Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril-Urban Centers has adopted various technologies in ensuring efficient service delivery. Among the technologies used are an online booking platform especially for people moving to other states, cashless payment of bus-fares, automated luggage packers, provision of the internet to the customers onboard and aloe provision of in-built personal digital assistants that keeps passengers entertained (Arranz,2017).They have also created a page on Facebook and Twitter where people can comment, critic and share their experiences onboard as a strategy to lure and attract more customers. The company also has a very interactive website precisely outlining their services, routes and the operating times for planning purposes.

The general performance of Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center has a great influence on technology playing a significant role when it comes to determining the sustainability the business. With the current development and globalization in general, technological advancement is viewed to be to be one of the inevitable with increasing competition between Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center. With the company introducing new technological aspects into their systems, their customers have been pleased, and they have been gaining more customers every day. As a result, Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center sales have been increasing in popularity and the general level of sales.

Legal Factors

Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril Urban center company is a registered limited company with its operation regulated by the law. The company has to compile with various biding terms and conditions. It has the workers union that deals with employee's grievances, claims, compensation to the customers affected in the line of services because cases of accidents are at times inevitable and many times results in disputes hence subjecting the company to corridors of justice.

Environment Factors

One of the missions of the company is to promote a clean working environment hence the company has embarked on reducing various forms of pollution like every coach having a dustbin basket for efficient waste disposal because they are cautious of the risks involved on the violations of environmental policies and the laws regulating activities on their operations.

To summarize, it is true that Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril-Urban Centers Company has strong willpower to help facilitate mobility of American citizens from place to place. This can only be realized efficiently through a consultative and collaborative approach from the external factors. Economic activities have increased in concentration in America's urban and Peri-urban centers. There is a need for mobility because populations are growing at the first rate in these urban centers. There was a time when mobility in urban centers was limited exclusively to private transport like walking, bikes and cars. Populations in urban center are becoming dense creating the need for mobility and new service models that are better than the private means.

The populations living in these urban and Peri-urban centers are in need of mobility; they need to go to church, work, shops and schools. The need for mobility in urban centers of America poses a challenge which cannot be answered by private transport sector alone. Private transport cannot answer this problem in the Peri-urban and urban centers. Buses can serve as the best solutions to problems in traffic.

Buses can be used as providers of mobility by forming departments that work on creating transport systems that are bus based on urban centres in America. Public bus services provide economical and cost-effective public transport that connects suburbs. These buses consolidate flow of traffic in the city cheaply and flexible in the long turn maintaining mobility in urban centers.

An increase in the use of buses is essential for sustaining urban centers because the departments understand the planning of the city and help decrease the cost of operations. The buses use an approach that prioritizes cost; safety and efficiency which makes buses the most effective to serve the need for mobility. Trains and subways are more expensive than the bus solutions we offer as a department. Our solutions to the transportation of the growing population are best fit for urn and Peri-urban centers that are still developing their infrastructure.Passenger Coaches for Urban and Peril-Urban centers is a transportation Company that has been in existence for some time operating in Urban and Peril-Urban centers in America. The management has been considering diversifying their services and possibly introduce new products instead of the changing operating environment and other external factors. The management as a result set up a taskforce to help strategize by studying the underlying factors influencing its operation. As one of the commonly used business tool for strategic marketing principle, PESTLE model was adopted. The word 'PESTLE 'constitutes political, eco...

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