Parking Space Problems - Free Paper Sample

Published: 2023-11-07
Parking Space Problems - Free Paper Sample
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Parking is one of the major problems faced in all countries developing and developed. This issue continues to arise with the increase in the number of people who own cars. Continued vehicle purchases bring about the problem of the high demand for parking space than what is provided. Most settlement apartments have come up with means to create space for people to park their vehicles in their living residents. This initiative by homeowners, however, does not solve the problem of parking in apartments. Pine Groove Apartments is one of the residential areas provided with parking space. Tenants have been experiencing several challenges in the parking space resulting from over crowdedness. Initially, these issues were not experienced since only a few people lived in these apartments. The situation has changed since now the apartments have flooded with tenants forcing them to share the space designed for a few. There is a need for the apartment management to come up with interventions to solve these problems.

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Overcrowding of Vehicles

Parking and removing the parked cars is strenuous. Due to overcrowding of vehicles in the parking space, it has become quite difficult to find a place to park. Some tenants have had to go against the parking rules. They park in spaces that have not been tarmacked and double-park their cars. This congestion causes tenants to waste a lot of time and fuel as they drive around looking for parking space and sometimes have to park behind other vehicles. In the morning, when the tenants want to leave for work, it becomes even more stressful since one has to wait for another to get their car out of the way for them to pass. The junked cars which tenants no longer use are also taking up more of the space that would rather be used.

No one monitors how vehicles are parked. The paintings that initially were used to outline where cars are to be packed have long faded away, causing people to park randomly without any order. Adding to the problem is the pathetic condition of the space, which is filled with large potholes. These conditions make tenants function under the assumption of a first-come, first-serve basis, which worsens the overcrowding since some space is left empty due to the potholes on the ground beneath. Some tenants have had to get alternative means to park, which has brought significant disadvantages. Most of them have reported vandalism and carjacking cases.

Parking Issues

Coming up with the initiative to resolve the parking issues can bring significant relief to the tenants. Some of the interventions that the management can apply to resolve the issues of parking at Pine Grove Apartments are as follows. First, the management should take up an initiative to renovate the parking space. The large potholes on the ground should be filled up, and paintings and markings should be made to enable tenants to identify the appropriate space to park and to avoid the space wastage that is caused as drivers avoid parking in potholes. These activities will reduce congestion in the parking lot.

Second, the Pine Grove Apartment perimeter space can be utilized to make parking space. There is a vast space that has been left bare around these apartments; the management should consider clearing, tarmacking, and painting this area to create space for parking. Also, as this vacant space is utilized, the management should consider mounting some street lights around the place and station some security guards to guard the vehicles. These guards will assure the tenants of the security of their cars.

Third, there has been no one who monitors the parking of vehicles. The management should consider hiring personnel or a security guard whose job would be to marshal and direct drivers on how and where to park their vehicles appropriately within the resident. Every tenant should be assigned their own parking space, and the security guard will be responsible for ensuring every tenant parks where they are expected to and also to make sure no car obstructs another at the entrance or exit and within the parking lot. This way, the parking problem can be reduced at a large rate.

Lastly, the Pine Grove Apartments offers free parking. Since most tenants own more than one car, the management should consider adding charges such as tenants paying an extra amount for parking space. People have to pay to be assigned parking spot, and for those with junk cars, they should be advised to remove them to create more room to accommodate more vehicles. With tenants paying rent and parking fees differently, the management can then pay up the security guards and can even consider reducing rents to attract more people. The parking space can also be rented out to other people outside the resident who require the parking services.


There is a need for the apartment management to come up with interventions to solve parking problems. While congestion has been the big issue that affects tenants for some months now, applying intervention to resolve them can be of advantage to both the management and tenant of Pine Grove Apartments. Tenants can save time and fuel used in search of parking space, delays as they await others that parked behind them to remove their cars and save up on the amount of money incurred on renting outside spaces and assures the security of the vehicle. To the manager, they can be able to generate more income as they reduce the complaints of tenants on parking issues.

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