Significant Event in My Life - Personal Experience Essay Sample

Published: 2022-07-29
Significant Event in My Life - Personal Experience Essay Sample
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The life of a person is coupled up with various issues and events. Some of these events contributed a lot to the well-being of a person in the future. Also, some of these events provide memory to various issues that individuals underwent in their early lives. In my life, there are multiple events that I have undergone especially during my education. Individuals should be keen on the events they undergo through as it could have a significant benefit to their lives.

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One of the significant events is the music festival that I attended when I was in high school. The music festival was one of the best events that I attended. During the event, we presented various types of music as a school. In the school band, there were two groups. One of the groups consisted of the singers and the other the instrumentalist. I was among the instrumentalists whereby I played the drum set. It was during this festival that I learnt how to play the drum set effectively. Therefore, during the music festival I had to make sure that I play the drum set outstandingly. As our team was performing, it was enough when playing the instrument. I played the instrument exceptionally well that after the festival I was commended for playing the drum set well. Due to the recommendations that I got for playing the instrument, I was forced to take a step and put in much effort into the activity. After the festival, I went back to school and did regular training on the drums sets. This regular training enabled me to be perfect in the activity. I could be able to play different types of songs using the instruments.

After completion of my high school education, I went to the university whereby I continued playing the drums set. Since I had learnt the art and I had become perfect in playing the instrument, I formed a club in the university whereby I helped in teaching other students how to play the instrument. Also, the university selected me to be playing on various occasions that were held. Furthermore, this earned me a bigger recognition which enabled me to play on bigger occasions such as concerts which were held. Playing the drum set helped me to build connections with various people who will help in future events. Some of these individuals helped me to play in events that would enable me to earn some income that would help in completing my studies.

Concluding, the major significant event that I experienced in my life is the music festival that I attended when I was in high school. This event was significant in the sense that it helped me to realize the potential I had in playing instruments. I realized that I had the potential of playing the drum set. This talent came along with a lot of benefits in my life. Some of the benefits is being recognized by the university to play the instrument in various occasions of the school. The other advantage is that I earned a lot of reputation that enabled me to earn from playing on multiple times to help in supporting my education. Therefore, all these achievements are as a result of the motivation that I got I high school while playing the drums set during the music festival.

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