Free Paper Sample: Expansion of my Colleague's Explanation of Journal Article A

Published: 2022-08-25
Free Paper Sample: Expansion of my Colleague's Explanation of Journal Article A
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The author provided brief background research related to the association between ionizing radiation and leukemia. I would like to add that the presence of a positive relationship between prolonged exposure to ionizing radiation and development of leukemia is well-established in the literature. For instance, a study carried out by Kutanzi et al. (2016) established that children have a higher risk of developing cancer following exposure to ionizing radiation compared to their adult counterparts. It is also worth noting that ionizing radiation has been identified as a potent carcinogen that stimulates the development of cancer via DNA damage (Behjati et al., 2016). Consequently, I would like to add that Metz-Flamant, Samson, Caer-Lorho, Acker, and Laurier's (2012) study and related studies are useful in curbing the spread of leukemia. This is because, through these studies, a new limit of exposure to ionizing radiations that poses no leukemia risk to individuals can be established.

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Agreement with my Colleague's Opinion

It is also worth noting that Metz-Flamant et al.'s (2012) study addressed two significant limitations associated with past studies; sampling and study duration limitations. In their study, Metz-Flamant et al.'s (2012) used a large sample and a 10-year longer longitudinal study compared to related past study. Because of this, the results of the study have higher external validity and are more reliable.

Validation of Ideas Using My Experience

The social change associated with the findings of the study were well-elaborated by my colleague. However, I would like to add that lowering exposure limits of ionizing radiation beyond the current recommended ones can help in reducing new leukemia infections. Also, in high-risk areas, it is advisable to wear protective clothing (Haynes, 2014; Kozlovska, Cerny, & Otahal, 2016).


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