Distinctions Between Qualitative and Quantitative Methods - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-08-15
Distinctions Between Qualitative and Quantitative Methods - Essay Sample
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Research methodologies are based on two critical perspectives, quantitative and qualitative. The qualitative approach depends on research that becomes immense in determining the aspects of the study through observations, while quantitative analysis involves making exact measurements, and the variables are measurable (Daniele et al., 2020). In quantitative research, the observer should be passionate objective oriented and neutral, and the influence of the study is only dependent on whatever they are researching. The hypothesis is set before starting the study (Daniele et al., 2020). While qualitative research employs inductive reasoning towards identifying the themes and data to be outlined, the quantitative analysis uses inductive logic at the start of the project as a roadmap towards formulating a hypothesis. Later on, it employs deductive reasoning to come up with a discussion of the research findings.

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Qualitative data collection will be viable in case there is a need to measure the scientific relationship between the effect of chlorhexidine baths decrease the rate of central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) on a particular population. Besides, it will be viable in case there is a need to measure statistical significance.

In case the study only wants to discover the effect of chlorhexidine baths decrease the rate of central line-associated bloodstream infections (CLABSI) on people, it will have to use ethnographic and case study approach in the perspective of a qualitative study. Data collection procedures can be Google forms and structured questionnaires.

Relation of Research Methods to Worldview Concepts

The qualitative research approach is mostly associated with constructivism as a philosophical worldview. That aspect means that it involves having an understanding and application of theories to construct meaning from multiple participants' responses and linking them with historical construction. Hence, the qualitative research approach mostly depends on an individual's view or assumptions (Bernard, 2017). Additionally, qualitative research incorporates open-ended questions as it primarily collects data from the participants setting. Contrarily, quantitative research involves measurable variables with the use of closed-ended questions to establish data. According to Daniele et al. (2020), quantitative research focuses on statistical analysis and primarily emphasizes on deductive approach to develop a report.

Strategies of inquiry also vary between qualitative and quantitative research needed for qualitative research. The strategy of inquiry aligns with the study of participants' demographics with the concept of ethnographic research. It also involves using case studies grounded theory narratives as well as phenomenology. On the other hand, qualitative research analysis will primarily deal with sequential analytical methods, experiments, and non-experimental design, which also involves a survey on Google forms.

Relation to Current Society

Qualitative research aims to collect information about people's behaviors, studying cultures, and collecting views of people by making informed assumptions about the current social changes. It majorly employs the use of the ethnographic study of people. On the other hand, a qualitative approach is a scientific study about something in the world, and it majorly aims at proving something using experimental analysis.


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