Paper Sample on Industrial United States Era Project

Published: 2024-01-03
Paper Sample on Industrial United States Era Project
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The first and second industrial revolution of the U.S. was an era of significant innovation that saw the birth of all manner of invention thanks to bright, forward-thinking American minds. The characters I have chosen are, John Stevens a railway worker.

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Enormous Pollution

During her early life, Mary Walton witnessed extreme pollution from the railway since they lived beside the railway. She had concerns over the massive mushrooming of industries that were emitting high-density smoke. She was witnessing extreme air pollution emanating from trains. The enormous pollution of the environment was the debut of her invention. During her time, there was very little progress in environmental stewardship. Therefore, she took the initiative of managing the environment and overcame the destructive effects of the industrial revolution.

John Steven was brought up in a wealthy family; he went to school and arguably became one of the greatest pioneers in practicing law. He graduated from Kings College in 1771. John Steven later found him to become a captain in the American revolutionary army. His interest in exploiting steamboats led him to design steamboats. With his rich background, he was able to access a lot of facilities that supported his invention. Unlike Walton, Steve had all resources since he was part of the royal family, thus achieving a lot within a short period.


Both innovators john Steven and Mary Walton were investors during the industrial revolution in the U.S. and significantly contributed to the transport sector. Also, they both lived in New York City and were mindful of other people's welfare. For example, Walton's invention led to reducing the dangerous environmental smoke produced during the industrial revolution. In contrast, Stevens's innovation led to the first U.S. steam locomotion, which facilitated transport and trade. John Stevens showed the possibility of steam locomotion in 1826. In 1915, Stevens was given the first railroad charter in North America. Walton, on the other hand, helped to tame pollution during the Industrial revolution period. In 1879, Walton developed a system to pump air through water tanks to trap pollutants (Thorne, 2019). Walter's invention reduced air pollution in Manhattan. In 1881, she was awarded two patents for pollution-reducing devices, which she sold later on to the New York City Metropolitan Railroad.


Stevens is famous for his invention and promoter of the steam power development for transportation. Stevens, one of American's early inventors and engineers, was born into a wealthy family in New York City. After his career in law, he turned his attention to steam navigation. He constructed his first steam locomotive in the U.S. in 1825 when he was 75 years old (Rogers & Magura, 2018). On the contrary, Walton was an autonomous inventor who patented a device in 1879 to reduce smoke pouring into the air (Thorne, 2019). The wooden box filled with sand absorbed the vibrations from the rails reducing the smoke emissions.


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