Paper Sample on Genetics

Published: 2023-12-25
Paper Sample on Genetics
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Epidemiology has helped track the spread of hundreds of diseases. DNA analysis and genomic technology can help explain and determine how infection travel. Understanding all this can help contain the spread. During a disease outbreak, there are the main questions people ask. Some are where did the outbreak come from and what happened. Again, how long the disease has been spreading. The virus and bacteria have DNA and RNA, which help them to multiply. The genetic sequencing can help determine the molecular clock. When an outbreak happens, the determination of the source of the virus helps contain the spread. The whole-genome sequencing technology, bioinformatics, and computational analysis can interpret extensive data to find the root cause (Martin, 2016).

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Genetic Analysis

The use of the genetic analysis has helped bust many myths about different infections. The example is the patient zero of HIV who was purported to have introduced the virus in the country. It appears that the virus was around in the 60s, according to the CDC, before detecting the first case (Martin, 2016). Another excellent example of how the genetic detective can help trace and stop the spread is what happened to the measles virus. Before the measles vaccine, the virus was spreading across the country. The introduction of the vaccine stopped the spread but could resurge in areas with a low vaccination rate. The genetic information could tell that the measles first case after vaccination was from a different country.


The use of DNA analysis and sequences helped curb the spread of coronavirus. China had to act and get the origin of the virus, the Wuhan wet market. The DNA sequencing help know the spread of an infection in the country and is still used to do contact tracing and treatment. DNA analysis is a great skill as it helps people know the source, how far the spread has gone, and ways to stop the spread. Lack of such information can make it very hard to trace the spread of any illness.


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