Paper Sample on Electronic Medical Record Systems

Published: 2024-01-01
Paper Sample on Electronic Medical Record Systems
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The introduction of electronic medical records (EMR) system as a form of health management information system has the ability to record a wide range of health-related issues about patients. This system creates, gathers, and manages clients' data with clinicians and staff's authorization within the given hospital setup. When applied in the healthcare industry, the electronic medical records will result in the overall productivity of the delivery of services in a manner which it will promote improved hospital decision-making in the execution of patients and advanced associations between health care benefactors present in the patient care. It will also lead to betterment and increased patient care quality at hospitals, thus bringing about provider and patient satisfaction.

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Revolution of Technology

The revolution of technology has changed the way health services are offered. The use of the internet is completely changing the way technology can be used to provide health care services. Healthcare is becoming more frequently manageable through a range of telehealth options. The health information technology system is a new form of data entry designed to support health care services in planning, management processes, and making decisions critical to the institution. The consumers can use the internet to research symptoms of diseases as well as treatment plans as they seek professional medical advice. It is evident that the utilization of this modern EMR will greatly impact the time organization and management of patients' orders within the hospital. It is much relaxed to retrieve the patients' information as well as producing hospital reports.

Additionally, the EMR systems will also ensure the discretion of the information shared between patients and health workers are sustained to the maximum. There is better accountability in the financial flow and supplies of medical equipment in the facility. In many cases, in a medical emergency duration, a person is all by himself and cannot call anyone for help. In such a situation, this a gadget can be designed to be very operative in helping trace not just the body state but also the position of the individual.

Maintenance Process

Despite the awesome benefits of this EMR, its acceptance and execution will be expensive. The maintenance process of this system includes the purchase of spare hard drives and consistent upgrade of software. In addition to these, the health care institution costs training individuals the operational needs of these machines. Mechanization of health services can disrupt the flow of work for medical staff and providers, thereby leading to a loss in productivity. This is evident while training staff on the usage of these new machines, which reduces productivity and potentially leads to revenue losses. There is also a need to increase funding for its utilization to employ more ICT experts to tackle the shortcoming. Another holdup of this HMIS would be the risk of patient violation due to increased health information shared through electronic means. This violation can also be in the form of manipulation of data during the audit process.

The system also breaks up more frequently; back upping the systems makes some services to be inaccessible. The system also unintentionally duplicates errors, and the effect can cause negative emotion changes and increased medical error. There will be a change of power structure within the organization, and also several workers will be reluctant as this system will block certain processes in the provision of services.

Automatically Collected Data

Electronic medical records systems will be the better system to apply since it will automatically collect data and information from the patient. This information collected can be great of benefit in saving the lives of many patients in severe conditions. Moreover, the electronic medical records system will promote the modernization of the hospital and health care. It will need dedicated customer care and information centers monitoring places to place these technological improvements into action. In such a case, the system has to detect the body's inform and vital facilities, for instance, 911. It should also detect any other contact individual in this scenario that the disease of a person putting on the device or chip is deteriorating. The place of the person can be tracked using the immediate device assistance can be offered.

From the administrative perspective, I would suggest that the EMR system be first introduced in either public or private hospitals with a high capacity of patients admitted almost daily. It can be introduced at any time after testing and debugging its effectiveness and functionality. Physicians will utilize these systems to conduct their day-to-day activities since they have more benefits than remedies. Besides, they can also learn within a short period, thus giving room to educate other medical staff on using them.


Therefore, the innovations of EMR systems within healthcare settings will create a chance for faster, simpler access to data and the familiarization of health data online, setting the place for web-grounded electronic medical record systems. Furthermore, the electronic medical record will greatly impact the hospital delivery system by raising collaboration between individuals, and advanced productivity of healthcare services offered to patients.

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