Paper Sample: Literary Analysis of a Zoo

Published: 2023-12-20
Paper Sample: Literary Analysis of a Zoo
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A zoo is a facility where animals are accommodated, cared for, and displayed for public viewing. The following is an analysis by Edward D. Hoch of a zookeeper known as Professor Hugo. The professor would move from one state to another with the animals he domesticated. It is usually in late August when Hugo would come to Chicago to showcase the animals he bred. He usually comes with other unknown creatures that the residents believe to be from different spheres. For half a day, the people of Chicago will enjoy the various animals that nature offers. The residents eagerly waited for his arrival, and when the day came, Hugo arrived from Kaan and announced his presence with an unfamiliar animal that looked like a horse spider. The creature brought mixed reactions from the residents, with others excited while most of them were terrified. After the show, the occupants of Chicago praised Professor Hugo for having the best zoo. When he finished his tour, he went back to Kaan with his creature, which later dashed in several directions. This paper explains how appearance and reality give rise to fantasy with a revelation of how the author successfully developed the fictional story.

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In this fabricated narrative, the professor plays the character of a zookeeper who tours various places. Before viewing the peculiar animals, people have to pay a dollar. On return to their planet, the creatures narrate the adventure they had to their loved ones. This statement makes the readers aware that the odd animals are the viewers, while those who pay to see the creature are the attraction. It is why one of the creatures acknowledged the presence of bars to guard them against the people. It is our observation that determines how we understand information. In this fiction, human beings viewed themselves as onlookers and thought the peculiar animals were an attraction.

The professor's story is a misinterpreted perception that makes allusions to odd animals brought to the earth and visits various places as scenery. This scenario is not the case in real life because all the animals live on the same planet. It is easy to believe such a story because the author develops the difference between certainty and deception and combines them into the same storyline. This trick makes it easier for people to believe that extraordinary animals are brought to the earth, making them eager to see these animals. Another odd factor is that the author creates a scenario where human beings believe that they see unique animals.

On the other hand, the animals believe that they are in contact with other creatures that put on attires and move with two limbs. The creativity behind it is that both human beings and the zoo's animals play the roles of being audiences and forms of fascination with themselves. That is why they both believe that the cages are there to prevent them from coming into contact.

To human beings, the spacecraft is the zoo, while the caged animals view the zoo as the various destinations they tour. In this case, the professor is the zookeeper who protects these animals and controls people's entry to view them. His main task is to ensure that human beings and the animals view each other as unique, thus, making the storyline intriguing. He benefits from his actions by charging humans who visit the zoo to view the creatures. Summarily, the Zoo by Edward D. Hoch portrays the creation of fantasy through expression and authenticity. Fantasy occurs from people's thoughts, while realism takes place according to what individuals accept as accurate. Additionally, moral deeds are not present if there are no immoral ones, and in that case, deceptions do not just build truths, but they also help separate them and fantasy.

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