Paper Example on the Power of Introverts

Published: 2023-01-13
Paper Example on the Power of Introverts
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In Ted talk 2012, Susan Cain talks of the power of the introverts to the world today. She argues that introverts are the key to the ability and unique talents that are found in the world. Therefore, she is resilient that the introverts should be fought for and be celebrated for their existence in society. The talk provides a more open understanding between the introverts and whoever works with them. Susan Cain is an example of an introvert who praises her power and brings out an understanding on what people like her should offer instead of the wrong judgments that they receive (Cain, Susan, page 16). This paper will the analysis of Susan Cain talk concerning the introverts and further a more discussion concerning how introverts should fit in the world in addition for celebrating them.

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Introversion is the state of one being shy or being unable to be supportive of your idea completely due to shyness. There is a lot of pain when one is an introvert, especially children. One tends to have difficulty in the day to day activities; to begin with, an introvert is unable to face a large crowd because he or she may tend to think that all the eyes of the crowd are on her. Introverts too are too shy to share the ideas that they have. It will be difficult for them to give their opinion to a given group or gathering. Especially children face the difficulty of being open to the groups of discussion they are in. They end up being questioned of their silence because other people may intend to have an intention of knowing the reason for their silence.

Susan Cain discusses the benefits of introverts in the world. She suggests that a lot of talents are brought about in the world by the introverts. The benefits of this kind of people are clearly discussed in the talk. Firstly they are people who are good listeners, they don't rash to any conversation before internalizing or understanding what the other person is saying. They listen carefully, therefore, they don't find themselves in petty mistakes. Secondly, after they keenly listen, the introverts think before they speak anything. This is because they believe in listening more than they do talk. The third benefit of being an introvert is that one is able to be observant therefore cannot make any wrong choice of friends. It is a clear indication that the introverts have friends that are of good quality. Finally, they make good leaders because they have all the qualities of being leaders beginning with being observant, compassionateness, thoughtful and being good listeners.

The talk thereby gives a lesson that the quiet ones should be appreciated and encouraged in society so as to encourage their various talents and abilities. The idea is brought out clearly in the talk because Susan Cain gives an example that in a group, the only voice or command that can be taken is the one for the voice of the loudest despite the quiet mind that is more precious than the loud minds. The speaker, therefore, condemns the one's desires of being quiet because of being an introvert (Cain, Susan, Page 23).

There is bias concerning the introverts that are found in the working places, schools, and other places. Susan Cain discusses how the biases can be done away with from these various specified areas. The bias is reaching in the classes as children are forced to do their works by use of force. On the other hand of the workplace, the leaders that are introverts should not be put on pressure so as to deliver on the same way as extroverts do because they may end up causing an effect that may affect the whole workplace (Stephens-Craig, Dana, Matthew Kuofie, and Richard Dool, page 6). In conclusion, in accordance to the Susan Cain's talk, it is important to give in support to the introverts because they can be able to share in good ideas or bring up their talents that are shared through writing books on importance and introvert's power.

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