Career Essay Example: Accountant - Financial Advisor

Published: 2022-09-23
Career Essay Example: Accountant - Financial Advisor
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To be precise, I am known as James Brown, I am a civilized citizen of my country and an ambitious young man who possess an undying interest in accountancy/ financial advisory job. My immense objective to venture into this profession was because of the usual norm clearly behind every hustle, which is to generate funds and formulate channels to a better lifestyle entirely. Moreover, this profession equips one with mutual skills on how to manage their own financial lives altogether. It could be depicted further that financial advisors earn heavily via numerous channels. Despite being on the payroll of the firms they work for, their one on one encounter by clients guarantee them a major boasts financially, because, they are entitled to commissions that are paid in good rates. For instance, if you manage to lure a client to take up insurance, that would earn you commission aside from the normal payment. Besides, this profession can also serve as one's second career choice; you could personally offer financial services to respective clients.

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Informatively, Financial Accounting is a very extensive profession that is regarding what it takes to be part and parcel of that segment, thus, to fully qualify to work as an accountant, you will be required to present a bachelors degree in accounting. This profession involves an array of responsibilities like the public accounts, their dealings encompass forensic accounting, and this illustrates their involvement in investigative duties. They investigate crimes hidden in firms, for instance, funds, if a client company suspects some of its funds have been misappropriated, it will call in need of their services hence they will log into that company financial records and carry auditoria tasks that will henceforth outline details concerning those funds. Such accountants operate closely with agents of the law, and at times they may be required in conferring more information on crime issues involving their line of the word. Furthermore, due to the immense growth of businesses legislative tasks, the world would need a colossal number of accountants to burg in and offer their assistance. The need could also be attributed to the number of accountants nearing retirement. Financial accounting can be regarded as one of the lucrative jobs globally, in that, the average salary of an accountant could be perceived to be $47000, and the figure escalates in terms education qualification and experiences ("VolunteerMatch - Where Volunteering Begins," n.d.).

Accounting and auditing demand meager investment in a college degree, to secure a job especially as Government auditor, I would have studied accounting for four full years which comprises of 24 semester hours. Similarly, I would go to an internship program just for experience purposes. It is further understood, intense proficiency in computers can as well serve as major boast while seeking for employment. I would also need a professional recognition license courtesy of taking a CPA examination question to widen my chances of securing a job. Either way, in case I don't have a degree in accountancy, I may acquire documents from professional societies basically on voluntary grounds. Those documents would ascertain the fact that despite missing the experience of accounting education, I can still execute accounting services with heightened expertise ("VolunteerMatch - Where Volunteering Begins," n.d.).

Considering the situation in the country according to Texas Reality Check, for a forensic auditor working for the government, the pay would be overwhelming. To offer my profession there, as into audit on taxes, record keeping as part of the financial planning, I would be paid an average salary of $ 69,370 per year. That would guarantee a lavish lifestyle for my family and me. Furthermore, maybe form my audit firm, because since I would have the auditing experience, I wouldn't mind training my personnel or employing graduates bachelor's degree from colleges ("Texas Reality Check," n.d.).

According to CNN Money Calculator, I would prefer living in Houston because the economic cycle is of epic caliber. To precise, the place possesses enticing traits like a high level of production, low rate of employment, high retail sales and low-interest rates on loans. With such feature, one can be able to grow by affording luxuries like cars, fancy goods and buy homes, and because you can get loans at low-interest rates, you may able to set businesses that would match the appreciation level of consumer demands ("Cost of living: How far will my salary go in another city? - CNNMoney," n.d.).

Through service learning or working as an intern, I would be able to reach out to the local Saccos and offer them my financial planning services. I would assist them in auditoria activities to like record keeping, giving advice on tax merit and demerits on various business choices and preparing income tax returns. I would probably execute this mandate with the ideology that I might it as a recommendation when the job seeking moment comes through. Furthermore, I would offer advice on the importance of applying for health insurance, because it would be of vast imperative to them and the family. Hence I wouldn't mind offering my paperwork services.

To conclude, if things go as planned, I would like to pursue a bachelor's degree in accounting by going to college and later on get to work as a federal forensic expert, because that is where I believe the magnitude of the accounting profession lies. Personally, because I would have grasped that knowledge of financial planning, I would be able to manage personal finances accordingly and come with business ideas that would only benefit me as well as those who may require my services.


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