Paper Example on the Cold War Between the United States and the Soviet Union

Published: 2023-03-07
Paper Example on the Cold War Between the United States and the Soviet Union
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Why and how did the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union develop after the Second World War?

The factors that caused the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union included the latter nation's desire to spread communism and America's efforts to prevent it from being developed by the Soviet Union. The cold war between the two nations was also caused by the common mistrust between the nation. In this case, each nation thought the other nation wanted to conquer the world.

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What was the impact of American efforts to contain the Soviet Union and the expansion of communism during Truman's presidency?

Under Truman's presidency, the United States established the Marshall Plan, which involved offering Europe a $13 billion aid (McGaughy, 2015). The move was part of Truman's doctrine that aimed to promote the economic growth of Europe. Additionally, this way, Europe could be able to resist the Soviet Union's efforts to spread communism in Europe.

How did Truman expand the New Deal? How effective was his own "Fair Deal" agenda?

Truman expanded the new deal by establishing a fair deal requirement. The fair deal required that all forms of racial discrimination in employment be employed and work benefits to be issued non-discriminatively to all people. Additionally, Truman's fair deal agenda was not very successful because the American Congress rejected the establishment of national health insurance. However, under the fair deal, the average wage rate of workers in the nation was raised.

What were the major international developments during 1949-1950, and how did they alter U.S. foreign policy?

There are a number of international events that occurred between 1949-1950. However, among the notable events included the creation of Military Alliance (1949), which was the collaboration between Western Europe and the Soviet Union to end the war and maintain the general peace in the region (McGaughy, 2015). In this case, America established policies that were focused on promoting collaboration between nations as an effective strategy of ending the war. The second event entailed the creation of the Geneva Convention, which made the U.S. refine its policies on the treatment of policies.

How did the Red Scare emerge after the Second World War? How did it impact American politics and society?

The Red Scare alert in the United States started following the fear of a potential rise in communism in American society. Additionally, that is through the supporters of the Soviet Union's communism in the United States that were perceived to be potential threats to America's growth and development. The Red Scare impacted the United States' politics in that policies were created to assess Federal employees in order to determine whether they were loyal to the American government.


McGaughy, K. (2015). Reading Perspectives: Readings in American History (6th ed.). New York: Pearson.

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