Free Essay Example on Meena's Factors

Published: 2023-02-14
Free Essay Example on Meena's Factors
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Pain is a sign that something may be wrong with your nervous system. It may be in the form of a burn, sting, ache, tingle, or prick. The type of pain that is felt by a person may be dull or sharp. Pain can be essential in the diagnosis of a problem in the body. There are different types of pain. This paper will be a discussion of the insights of how Meena's factors impact the pathophysiology of pain. Also, give suggestions of alternative diagnoses and treatment options for referred, acute and chronic pain.

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The factors which contribute to the pain experience, which is complex include cognitive, physical, spiritual, environmental, and emotional factors. Emotions may influence pain, and the cycle of pain and emotions are interlinked. Emotions may have a direct physical change impact. For instance, when an individual is anxious or angry, the muscles of the body may tighten whereby the physical change may result in increased pain (Huether & McCance, 2015). On the other hand, cognitive factors have an impact on the influence of pain, which include expectancy, attention, and appraisal which can either result in an increase or a decrease in a patient experiencing pain. Several regions of the brain are involved in nociceptive processing and bringing pain into awareness.

Chronic pain is not usually diagnosed until you have been in regular pain for three to six months because diagnosing chronic pain it is not easy. The doctor, after a while, may carry out different tests such as nerve testing, imaging, and blood work depending on the area where it has pain (Deem & Gifford, 2013). It can be treated through the use of medicines such as antidepressants, steroids and muscle relaxers, yoga, acupuncture, and hypnosis.

Acute pain may be mild and last for a moment or several weeks which comes suddenly and is caused by something specific. The pain may be challenging to diagnose, but the patient may be asked to describe what he or she is feeling (Jongen, Hans, Benzon, Huygen & Hartrick, 2014). The physician can touch the painful area to determine the reaction of the patient. It can be treated through psychotherapy, relaxation technique, and surgery, among others. On the other hand, referred pain can be managed through biofeedback, relaxation therapies, and surgery to mention a few.

In conclusion, pain occurs as a result of body tissues being damaged. Unit is one of the defense mechanism of the body which acts as a warning for the prevention of further damage to the tissues. Pain is of three types which are chronic, acute, and referred pain. To diagnose pain, an individual have to give a subjective description of it. It can be treated through surgery, acupuncture, nerve blocks, and psychotherapy.


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