Paper Example on Navigating the IT Landscape: A Journey to Become a Network Administrator

Published: 2023-12-29
Paper Example on Navigating the IT Landscape: A Journey to Become a Network Administrator
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Ever since I was a child, I have had a passion and interest in computers, and that is why I would like to become a network administrator in the future after completing my studies. Because of my passion and interest, I am pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Science, Mathematics, and Technology with Information Technology as my study's main focus. The degree program provides the students with several skills that are essential for a person pursuing information technology. A student acquires include: skills in communication, programming, analysis of data, and applying mathematical skills (quantitative reasoning) in information technology.

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Information Technology requires that students who are pursuing a degree program under it should be competent in handling various programming operations. As a network administrator, one must be able to handle programming tasks in the organization's computer networks. Programming operations focus on understanding the coding language used in the execution of user commands by the computer. The BSc in Information Technology program offers the learner the opportunity to gain knowledge about computer programming. The program impacts the students' knowledge and skills to create computer programs for businesses and other ventures.

Back in my home country in Bangladesh, I was able to take classes in computer programming in college which played a role in my choosing to pursue a degree in Information Technology. I am interested in how computer programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and PowerPoint work, which has been my major motivator to pursue a degree in information technology. Now I plan to finish my Associate degree in information technology by the end of next year and begin my journey in this field.

I developed a love for computer programming at a tender age when I first used a computer in my junior high school days, and I was impressed by how computers work. The impression left in me from my first interaction with co-putters made me decide to pursue a course related to computer programming when I got to college. In my years as a junior high student, I continued to develop an interest in computers both in school and at home; I would browse the internet to discover how computers worked. In senior high school, I got an opportunity to use a computer to create a website for our club in school as I was the only one interested in computers in the whole group.

A Network administrator has numerous responsibilities in their job description that require them to be well-equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. A Network Administrator monitors the interaction of a series of computers connected in a company and corrects any errors in this interaction. Hence, programming is very important for a person interested in taking such a position in firms such as CISCO, Pratt Whitney, IBM, and Apple Inc. Other businesses that depend on computers and require personnel to manage their operation are government facilities located in Palm Beach.

Quantitative Reasoning and Analytic Skills

Being able to express ideas using language and mathematical calculations and symbols successfully is very important for students with a major in information technology. The general education requirements that colleges and universities make their students take are very important in developing a good foundation for the major they will choose. This foundation helps students to determine their career goals and the career choice that holds their interest. The general courses that I took in my education helped broaden my understanding of other fields that might not be directly related to my major, but they influenced my career.

In college, I took a course in writing, which was a requirement in my general education. College Writing BC-F was offered by the institutions to help develop and improve the students' writing skills while undertaking a degree in information technology. The Writing BC-F course is essential in improving the quality of writing that a student can produce. Students are taught different techniques of writing as a means of communicating with other people. As an Information technology student, writing is very prominent for me. The writing course prepares students to communicate perfectly well as they continue their education. Moreover, the writing course is crucial in helping the student during the writing of projects and other course instructions, also in their professional field, students can easily communicate with their colleagues.

Business analytics and educational planning are two general-education courses that I have studied in college, which have played a huge role in expanding my knowledge. Studying business analytics has equipped me with statistical analysis skills that are very important in my major. Data is a major component of any information technology system, and network administrators must examine this data and make decisions based on the information. Therefore, students studying BSc in Information Technology must acquire analytic skills during their training. Education Planning is another significant subject in general requirements, helping the student create a plan for their education. This course imparts skills relating to collecting and analyzing statistical information, making decisions, and creating educational plans. It helps the student follow the right track with their education in choosing the class in their major. With correct planning, students can handle their course requirements, which helps them complete the courses and finish their education on time.

In addition to the two general education courses mentioned above, I am taking another course in College Mathematics. College Math is important in my field of study because it is preparing me for my major. The course is providing me with foundation knowledge for my concentration course in mathematics in my major. The knowledge am getting from this college mathematics course will make it easier for me to handle computer programming and database management. I can handle various mathematical problems in my study because it has exposed me to mathematical areas like calculus, statistics, and algebra.

Critical Courses

I have been able to undertake several required courses during my study, which have influenced and shaped my capabilities knowledge, and understanding of my major. I have studied the management of information systems that deal with managing information in an organization. The course is important for students because they must be aware of the decision-making processes, coordination, analysis, and control of information in an organization setup. As a network administrator, I will face various management duties, and the course will provide me with the knowledge and skills necessary to handle the responsibility. Another critical course I studied is Data Communications and Networking, which entails data transmission among a group of computers linked together to form a network. The knowledge is important because it will help me develop ways to transmit information through communication channels in the organization where I work.

There are several additional courses that I have been able to study that are significant in my area of study and my career choice. These courses include; a course in Digital Art and Design, Technology and the Economy, and Management Website Development. The course in Digital Art and Design gives me the ability to creatively develop art for digital electronics and create graphic designs for websites and other interactive media. By studying Technology and the Economy, I developed skills that I could use to create business opportunities that will result in economic growth. Management Website Development gives me skills in creating dynamic applications in computer websites to enable faster and easier user interactions.

At the moment, the majority of the experience I have in computers is as a result of the lessons I have in courses dealing with Database Systems and Operating Systems. Database Systems are a collection of computer programs that interact with databases in a network system. I can use the four databases available, including text, desktop, relational, and object-oriented database systems. I have excellent skills in using various operating systems available such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Apple Mac OS, among others, which are excellent.

Degree Requirements

A student majoring in Information Technology is impacted by the ability to develop, create, and conduct maintenance on computer hardware and software. These tasks are undertaken to enhance computer systems' usability without unnecessary faults, which can be costly. As a student majoring in Information Technology, I must fulfill several concentration courses to acquire my qualifications as an expert in Information Technology.

I have studied several introductory courses, Introduction to Computers, which will help me understand computers' basic concepts. Introduction to Data Science will prepare me to have an idea about data communication and computer network models. Introduction to Technology & Economics prepares us to explore recent developments in computer technology. Introduction to Web Design prepares us to learn about the implementation and testing of web technologies and applications. These introductory courses help me understand the basic concepts in my area of study.

I have studied the system analysis and design unit, which majors in examining problems and coming up with appropriate interventions. Through the information acquired during this course, I can devise appropriate solutions to problems occurring in the technology world. This course led me to the project management unit, which majored in the initiation, planning, execution, and completion of a project. I can now manage a project in an organization from its initiation to successful completion using the available resources and stated scope. The course in Human-Computer Interaction taught me how to design and utilize computer technology, basically the interactions between computers and people. I also studied Web System Development and Information Assurance; I gained skills in how to undertake programming, system administration, and network architecture development from these two units.

The course in Human Nutrition imparted me with knowledge regarding natural science and its impact on information technology. I studied Understanding China, a unit dealing with the Chinese Economy, which was important in helping me gain knowledge about global issues that may impact my area of specialization. Combining all these course units has equipped me with solid knowledge through which I can enhance my career.


The knowledge and skills that I have acquired from studying all the required courses offered under BSc Information Technology have prepared me to meet the field's demands. The analytical and critical will give me the confidence to pursue a career based on the passion I have had since I was young back in my home. The steps I took to further my education were right, and I have the knowledge and skills imparted to have a successful career as a network administrator.

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