Padding a Resume, Free Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-21 03:30:58
Padding a Resume, Free Essay Example
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Resume padding can be defined used various terms. It can be termed as adding false information about one`s education, skills or other concepts that are relevant to a resume. On the other hand, it can be defined as exaggerating accurate and real information about someone on the quest to get a job or gain a beneficial opportunity. Resumes are significant tools in every person`s life since they contain most of the necessary information that companies consider when choosing who to employ. Most of the information included in a resume relates to job experience, professional achievements, and educations among other concepts. When Padding a resume may be done by gaining benefits, it is also right to note that, there are negative repercussions that are connected with the same practice.

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Most people believe and perceive that twisting or exaggerating information to make it look suitable for a certain job is normal and should be practiced. Padding in this case, is done to eliminate normality and enhance the attributes of the owner. One of the negative effects of using a padded resume is that one may land on the wrong job that is beyond his or her abilities. The main work in the HR department during hiring is to check on the details presented in a resume and picking the most appropriate one for consideration(Kidwell, 2004). If one is hired based on information that is exaggerated, one might be assigned roles and responsibilities that are beyond what one can handle. Such a scenario means that the employee will give maximum delivery in regard to the work given. Another negative consequence of resume padding is that, it may cause a negative misinterpretation of information which can lead one to not getting a job. Enhanced information might be interpreted wrongly by HR professionals in regard to specific job requirements(Kidwell, 2004). In such a case one may lose a chance of having a job that he or she would have gotten if they used original information.

Also gaining a job using a padded resume can cause one to lose their jobs. Sometimes HR may decide to go through one`s information because of various reasons. They may go to the extent of referring to the referees given in the resumes. If the data provided does not match that offered by the referees, then one stands a high chance of being fired. In case the exaggerated information grants one a job that is of a more top position in a company or firm, it may lead to poor performance(Friedland, 2005). People who are employed as senior workers using padded resumes tend to perform ineffectively, and this aspect affects the performance of the whole company at last. Having an exaggerated resume many land one to an entirely different job.

In the modern world there are so many occupations and careers that are firmly related to each other, and at some point, it is difficult to give a detailed differentiation, therefore having such a resume may cause one to land in a job that they do not entirely qualify for(Friedland, 2005). It is also good to note that some companies are stringent and in case they find out that one had presented exaggerated information they might not only fire one but also face legal accusations. Lastly, a resume is designed to enable one land in the most suitable job regarding the qualifications. Therefore, having a padded resume may cause one to work in a position that they are entirely not satisfied with.


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