The Multi Cockroach Catcher - Free Essay with Product Research

Published: 2019-10-24
The Multi Cockroach Catcher - Free Essay with Product  Research
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Eventually, five major designs were developed among which one had to be selected. The five designs include a Multi Cockroach Catcher; a Multi Mouse Trap; a Robotic Pest Control; a Spider Web Design; and an Ultrasonic Beetle/Pest Repellent design. The Multi Cockroach Catcher design was selected after a Concept Screening Matrix was employed to determine the front runner (illustrated in the appendix as Fig. 1). The winning design had outstanding characteristics of simplicity, accompanied by great effectiveness. Moreover, it was user-friendly not to forget its cost effective nature as opposed to the other proposed pest control designs.

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The product features and expected design use

The Multi Cockroach Catcher is a simple trap small enough in size so that it fits even in small infested areas in the household of use. In this case, the trap is designed such that there is a door which keeps the trapped cockroach within the trap. Additionally, the trap has an incline on which the roach climbs and due to a counterbalance mechanism is dropped into a drawer-like section from which the cockroach can be easily emptied. This incline ensures that the trapped cockroach gives more room for other cockroaches to enter too.

Normally, the product has a cuboid shape measuring 200 x 50 x 150 mm length by width by height and is made of an acrylic material which is usually smooth and clear in nature. The trap opening is 30mm height and 50mm wide through which the cockroach enters, goes up the ramp (rough texture). Below the ramp lies the bait which the cockroach targets. As shown in Appendix A, there exists a small hinged door on the opposite side of the entry side such that the trapped cockroaches can be emptied later. As can be seen, so far the design is simple to use and only requires a strategic placement so as to capture the cockroaches overnight or as frequently as the user desires.

Target market and pricing

The trap is applicable in general households and office settings with the major prospects being those who cannot afford or apply chemical pesticides due to one reason or the other. The major advantages being that the traps are not exhausted on a single use and that the product does not any environmental pollution risks.

Notably, the product can be sold at prices ranging between $25 and $50 since according to the assigned Ebay prices; it would require roughly $10 to make a single trap.

Appropriateness of the product to the scenario and reasons for its success

As mentioned herein, the cockroach trap is safe to use as it does not pose risks to environmental pollution. Further, the trapped cockroaches can be quickly freed into the neighbouring yards outside the infested property.

The product is very appropriate in this scenario since it is both environmentally and user-friendly. In that once strategically placed the counterweight balance mechanism takes over and consequently requires no extra energy or chemical inputs for proper functioning.

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