Essay Example on Overall Wellness

Published: 2019-09-12
Essay Example on Overall Wellness
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Wellness comprises much more than physical health, exercise and nutrition as held by the majority of people. Wellness includes the integration of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Seven components of wellness will be examined as well as its overall impact.

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The social component includes the development of communication skills, initiating and sustaining intimacy with others as well as forming a support group of family and friends who are care about your well being and accept you just as you are.

Physical wellness encompasses such activities as regular exercises, proper nutrition, adequate sleep and abstaining from risky behaviors such as drug abuse. It also entails being able to identify symptoms of a disease and having regular check ups. Adequate water intake is essential element of this component.

Emotional wellness comprises the ability to have a good understanding of ourselves and capability of coping with the challenges life brings. Acceptance and sharing of such feelings as joy, anger anxiety helps in building the emotional well being.

Spiritual wellness is the ability to create a state of harmony and peace in our lives. It entails being aware and keeping of moral values and virtues.

Environmental wellbeing is recognizing our responsibility to maintaining quality surroundings free from pollution.

Intellectual wellness is the ability to expose our minds to fresh ideas that can help in our personal as well as group development.

Occupational wellness is the ability to derive a sense of satisfaction from our professional fields or the career paths we have decided to pursue while at the same time maintaining a good balance in our lives.

In my personal life, the environmental component of wellness is a bit lagging compared to the other components. All other components are well balanced.


To maintain a healthy state, an optimal combination of food groups needs to be consumed. The fruit group comprises a wide range of fruits and fresh fruit juices. Melons and berries are also included as subcategory owing to their rich nutritional content.

The vegetable group comprises of fresh vegetables and vegetable products including vegetable juice and canned or frozen vegetables.

The grain category is subdivided into whole grains and refined grains. Whole grains are naturally richer in fiber and protein content as compared to refined grains.

The protein group is made up of meat, poultry, peas and beans. Though beans are included in the vegetable group, they are also very rich in vegetarian protein.

The dairy group is made up of dairy products that are rich in calcium. Yoghurt, cheese, and fresh milk are included in this group.

An assessment of my nutritional diet reveals that the fruit category is somewhat deficient as I do not frequently take them. Also, the variety in the fruit group is a bit limited. My current diet is balanced though improvements are needed in the fruit group.

My personal training is focused on strengthening my muscles and keeping fit. With this in mind, a high protein content is highly needed to strengthen the muscles and bones.

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