Essay Sample on Workplace Health and Safety Procedures

Published: 2019-10-07
Essay Sample on Workplace Health and Safety Procedures
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Workplace health and safety procedures refer to integrated and comprehensive strategies that are aimed at addressing a wide range of health issues such as environmental, psychological, emotional, and other health practices through enacting programs, practices, and policies that will increase organizational efficiency. Workplace health and safety procedures are important for both employees and their employers as well as for the general wellbeing of the stakeholders in the organization (Bailey, 2008). Diseases, injuries, violence, and emotional or psychological problems have a huge impact on the ability of workers to perform their tasks efficiently. Therefore, it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that the workplace is secure and safe for all the employees.

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Some of the actions taken in response to the citations and penalties indicated I the letter include the following;

Training With Regard To Hazard Communication

Hazard communication ensures that employees can easily identify dangerous chemicals and other equipment that are likely to pose health dangers. This can be achieved through proper labeling of every hazardous chemical or equipment. Employee injuries resulting from lack of knowledge in the type of chemicals or equipment they are handling is considered a serious violation of the OSHA regulations (Bailey, 2008).

Therefore, by taking this significant step to train the employees and correctly labeling the chemicals and the various equipment the use In the workplace, the organization will be making a step ahead in attaining a healthy and safe workplace environment. This action is particularly necessary in the light of the citations and penalties cited in the letter. The organization was found culpable on many citations considered serious, clustered in citation 1. Therefore, this action will go a long way in addressing most of the issues cited in the letter.

Specifically, his action will respond to the citations and penalties by ensuring the employees in the organization are well trained on how to conduct themselves in the workplace. They will be made aware of the dangers of the chemicals they use, and will be encouraged to ensure that they use the right chemicals fir the right tasks in order to abate some of the challenges they currently encounter.

The main resources need in implementing this action include the sufficient time for training and the training personnel who will help conduct the training sessions.

Training In Hot Works and Injury Prevention Basics

Training in hot works ensures that employees are familiar with procedures and policies for avoiding or controlling threats to health and safety. This entails training in relation to handling fire equipment, gas detectors and other specific issues related to ones work. Injury prevention entails training employees to prevent or avoid engaging in issues that can affect their safety (Bailey, 2008).

This action is necessary based on the various citations and penalties stipulated in the letter. This is one of the most notable approaches in making the workplace better in terms of its safety and promoting the health of employees.

This particular action will help respond to the issues raised in the citations as it will ensure that the employees in the company are aware of the basic security measures they can take to ensure their own safety.

Implementing this action will require resources such as training personnel, fast aid kits, for extinguishers, and sufficient time for the training sessions.

Health Insurance Policy

The other action will be enacting a health insurance policy that will cater for injuries of the employees within the workplace. Both the employer and the employees will be required to make contributions to the health fund that will be used in case of workplace-related emergencies and injuries (Drennan, Ramsay, & Richey, 2006). Furthermore, this fund will be vital in compensating the workers who get injured while in the workplace.

According to the letter, there are many employees who have been exposed to injuries and various other factors in the organizat6ions workplace environment that undermine their general health. However, the company has not had an elaborate structure for addressing some of these health concerns. Therefore this action will ensure that, while the company makes efforts to make the workplace safer, some injures may occur due to bad luck or negligence. Thus, setting up this fund will help cater for the medical bills and compensation in case of such emergencies.

This action will help prevent injuries and other exposures to issues that affect th health of employees in various ways firstly, by requiring the employees t make a contribution o the fund, the company will be involving them in participating in the process of ensuring their own safely. Thus, with this approach, the employees will be aware of fact that they will also contribute to their own treatment, hence, strive to ensure that they avoid getting unnecessary injuries.

The main resources need to implement this are the financial resources

Regular Inspection, Repairs, and Replacements

The equipment and tools in the workplace will be regularly checked, monitored, repaired, and replaced whenever necessary. This action is critical in ensuring that all the equipment use in the company are in good condition through the season (Drennan, Ramsay, & Richey, 2006).

This action is required for the penalties and citations identified in the letter because it focuses on ensuring the workplace environment t is safe with the objective of reducing or minimizing workplace related injuries to employees.

This particular action will respond to the citations and penalties stated in the letter by ensuring that the company only has the best equipment and tools that will always be in good condition. This will ensure that no employees will suffer injuries resulting from handling poor quality equipment.

The main resources needed in implementing this actin are the human personnel who will be charged with the regular inspection of the equipment as well as

Regular Evaluation of the health of Employees

This action requires the employees to relevant samples required to take medical tests to determine if they are suitable in working in certain areas in the company. Through these regular checkups, the organization will be able to determine if some of the employees have been affected negatively from working in with different chemicals and machineries in the organization (Drennan, Ramsay, & Richey, 2006).

This action is required for the citations and penalties identified in the letter because it will go a long way in helping to protect the workers by assessing if the workplace environment has any negative impact on their health. This will inform the company to put in place measures that can make the workplace safer.

This action will go a long way in addressing the various citations indicated I the letter, as it will ensure that the health of employees comes first before anything else. Only healthy employees will be allowed to work on heavy machineries and chemicals while those of them who will be affected will be identified and singled out for treatment regularly. Implementing this action will require some financial resources.


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