Scholarship Essay Example: How the Scholarship Will Assist Me

Published: 2019-05-28
Scholarship Essay Example: How the Scholarship Will Assist Me
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Currently, the world is facing severe economic challenges that directly affect the financial capability of every individual. Particularly, this hardship in the economy has made it difficult to afford university fee at individual or family level. Therefore, this calls for seeking outside support from the good-wishers or the government sponsorship which also faces a stiff competition due to the high number of candidates seeking support of such services. Nevertheless, I comprehend well that not all students who find the scholarship have concrete goals and plans. But for me, I know what it means by getting financial support aimed at helping one to advance in academic. It will serve not just as a token of appreciation, or rather as an empathetic token since I cannot afford to pay for myself. But receiving the scholarship will be an added merit for me to work harder, smarter, and focus on paying back the sponsors with the best performance.

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Getting the scholarship will have a lot of advantages since it will help me achieve my goals as outlined below. First, time-saving and management, for any goal to come true, there is the need to invest much time. And in this case, I will be able to utilize the available time efficiently since everything would have been catered for within the scholarship. Therefore, issues like seeking for part time employment to raise part of my fees would not be apriority. Such times that I would have spent working to provide for my needs will be used for studying, therefore, it will facilitate achievement of my goals.

The scholarship will help me to access all the required learning materials. In many circumstances, there have been cases of students who face issues related to fees failing to access learning materials as well as attending fieldworks meant for education and exposure to the outside learning sphere. Such students spend most of their time working for extra hours to raise money to pay for their fees, which will not be the case when I receive the scholarship. Such cases of failure to access sufficient learning material lead to insufficient knowledge and skill that hampers the goal achievement process.

The scholarship will also help me to build good relationships with other people and institutions due to the exposure it will create by interacting with people of different culture and background. Notably, many students fail to achieve their intended goals due to failure in relationship building or lack of exposure. Particularly, the connection may be between student and student, student and lecturers or student to the environment. Such relationships are very pivotal in realizing individuals goals since they expose one to a chain of information needed for success. For example, Student to student relationship individuals assists to build the goals through sharing of individuals plans and dreams. Specifically, it creates a unique challenge to reform, adjust or change the existing goals as inspired by the fellow students. On the other hand, student to lecturer relationship is very crucial since it helps the student to tap the diverse knowledge and skills from the teacher and also learn numerous experiences from the tutor that also contributes to reshape the students goals. The student- environment relationship exposes the learners to the modern forms of workmanship and requirements to adapt to the challenges in any working environment. Therefore, all these relationships need time, availability and commitment, which can easily be realized through the opportunities and support provided by the scholarship.

Additionally, receiving the scholarship will be an essential prerequisite for both personal and professional development. Primarily, it will ensure support that will combine all the set and achieved goals. The support that will be offered by the Scholarship will be translated into a factor of motivation during the task execution time. In that context, understanding that the degree that I would have acquired is as a result of the scholarship will create a lasting motivation and also support to other people by sharing the experience and also extending a hand of financial assistance to further their studies. Just on the same point, the acquisition of the degree through scholarship will facilitate the principle of instructional focus. That is, focusing on the stipulated instructions will assist me to develop personal professionalism through the deep understanding of the organizational operations and the needs of every individuals and department in a given enterprise. It will also ensure strictness and evade situational compromise that may result in losses, disagreement, or disunity amongst the staff.

Besides, the acquired degree will also help to ensure personal professionalism through observing the principle of collaboration. In any given organization, successful execution of tasks depends solely on the coordination spirit that exists amongst the staff. This spirit is determined by the willing heart of collaboration of every individual. Furthermore, understanding the values of every staff will also be a fundamental issue in ensuring collaboration since not all people have the same values and cultures that at times may take much time to blend. Therefore, understanding fellow staff and bringing them together to work as a team in collaboration will depend on the knowledge and skills that would have been acquired from the learning institution.

Lastly, the degree obtained from scholarship will improve my level of academic that in turn will assist me to bring solution to certain challenges that the world experiences at the moment. Evidently, it is through education that the globe has found good innovators that have brought solutions to challenges that could not be solved. As such, when granted the opportunity to continue my studies through this scholarship, I promise that I will not only make the sponsors great, but I will also present my ideas to problems such as global warming, dangerous diseases such as AIDS which in turn will assist the whole world.

Following the facts herein, it suffices that this scholarship will assist me in several ways. First, I will be free from stress of fee that will in turn improve my academic performance; hence I will realize my goals. Further, lack of money to access useful materials for learning has been the major hurdle for learners; however, through scholarship, I will be able to achieve them. Additionally, the scholarship will expose me to different individuals of dissimilar backgrounds and attitudes who will motivate me to aim higher. Lastly, the scholarship will empower me academically in a manner that I will be able to table ideas to solve the current worlds predicaments.

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