Essay Sample on Organizational-Wide Operating Budget for Walter Reed Psychological Center.

Published: 2023-11-15
Essay Sample on Organizational-Wide Operating Budget for Walter Reed Psychological Center.
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My essay is on “Organizational-wide operating budget for Walter Reed Psychological Center." The analysis of the study is throughout this report. In addition to my careful examination, this report has been an excellent review, allowing me to go for an in-depth analysis of the budgeting and undertaking more research. I feel that I have learned a lot from this opportunity. I would always be available to answer any query regarding this report. I tried my best to put meticulous effort into the preparation of this report.

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Executive summary

The study aims to create an Organization-wide strategy for the Walter Reed Psychology Center and an associated capital investment. The program treats individuals who struggle from mental well-being issues, drug misuse, and psychological disorders through a cross-disciplinary behavioral health treatment environment. The organization's goal is to encourage behavioral well-being, reduce mental disease in the community, and enhance the care of these individuals with social, psychiatric, alcohol, and physical issues.


Walter Reed Psychological Center is a non-profit organization. San Diego California is where the company is located. More than 200,000 individuals in San Diego County are impacted by mental problems, such as autism and extreme depression, so San Diego is ideal place for this agency (Siantz et al., 2017). Organizations and programs supported by the government battle to offer sufficient services for people with mental health problems. Psychologists also have to contend with drug abuse and substance abuse. The majority of addictions begin as people attempt to medicate to deal with severe depression and mental health issues.

Since people with mental issues are involved and have chronic disabilities, workers employed in the business have to be trained experts and have to be innovative to cope with particular challenges. The department will involve managers who supervise the companies every day. The managers’ job will be to identify and manage individuals with emotional and behavioral problems as a psychiatric and therapeutic counselor. The service company also offers counseling with a primary care facility whose principal role is to treat people with behavioral, conduct, and emotional issues. A psychiatric nurse can cope with patients' psychological and behavioral well-being. The job of a clinical nurse is to provide diagnosis and recovery services for mentally disturbed patients. The final person is a behavioral wellness therapist who helps individuals resolve anxiety, psychiatric difficulties, and dependency.

The clientele expected would be between the ages of 14 and 80 because most mental disorder begins in the mid-twenties, and then in the mid-twenties (Hope et al. 2019). Subsequent psychiatric illnesses, such as those aged between 50 and 70, are primarily triggered by side problems (Hope et al., 2019). The clientele comes mainly from both sexes, and individual compensation and medical benefits are the forms of payment. Medicaid is also the strongest, as its programs on behavioral well-being have increased its exposure to comprehensive wellness benefits. Computers may be needed to store medical data and health documents rather than standard healthcare systems, such as blood pressure control equipment. One primary resource to assist with the detection of a broad variety of mental health conditions would be the Global Mental Wellbeing Evaluation Framework (GMHAT).

Projected Revenue Sources and Ethical Issues

The corporation and the government will create money as its multiple targets in the formal process whereby, the staff and equipment they have bought deliberately offer high performing programs and all the operating expenses correctly. The company will speculatively but ethically take the income goal into account. Customers will not be overwhelmed to give protection. The corporation does not profit from that to take advantage of the consumers, and the organization will be willing to bill its consumers sufficiently. The revenue generation strategy in various coordinated channels and the legal problems in the sector are essential. The company shall comply with specific guidelines governing its programs and the recovery of revenues.

The company is a multidisciplinary behavioral rehabilitation treatment for individuals with personal issues, mental well-being concerns, and drug misuse. The management aims to provide reliable and affordable clinical care and benefit from service revenue (Siantz et al., 2017). To keep the company happy, the corporation has to recognize equal revenue recovery and legal concerns related to management.

Revenue Collection

The facilities will pay customers using the community care agency. However, the company wants clients to understand what they pay to get more qualified doctors for their treatment on staff. Each benefit earned by the company must be reflected by the quality services. The client wants to learn that they pay to receive facilities of consistency. The facilities that consumers provide should be handled fairly. The company would have established drug efficiency to maximize the revenues (Siantz et al., 2017). Besides, social accountability is necessary for the company to contribute the profits to society.

Ethical Issue Consideration

The service would provide strong management under the direction of the supervisors. Service users must have the exact thorough training in the company in the language of their staff. The organization plays a central role in the ethics of not exploiting consumers (Pearce et al. 2019). Products and details for consumers must be made accessible to the organization. The clients will always be reasonably charged for their products (Siantz et al. 2017). The organization is responsible for building accountability and enhancing service quality at annual general meetings. The accumulation of profits and ethical problems of healthcare management is very significant. The crucial issue of ethics for recognizing their programs is the creation of the Walter Reed Psychology Center for the wellness of sustainable thought.

Projected Expense

An organization set up for-profit or non-profit objectives will be speculatively focused on its potential management. There is no company set up to maximize returns as they advance. The psychiatric core of Walter Reed, founded in the middle of mental health and illness, has been intentionally opened. To try to deal with the problem of treating mentally ill patients, the company collapses. To return for quality service, the goal of profit-making is essential for therapy and mental illness management. At the root of San Diego, California, the increased drug abuse use is apparent in the growing number of mentally ill patients. The group described this as an incentive for the residents of San Diego, Californian to create money from addressing the issue of mental illness. It is strategically positioned. The company has to manage the expenditures for the benefit, and a reasonable revenue harvest from customers is speculatively feasible. The company's success, thanks to its specific investment and open, truthful profits.

Project Expense

The main objective of setting up the Walter Reed Psychological Center is the initiative for high-quality treatment of diseases such as autism and major depression also it is going to help with social, alcohol, psychiatric, and physical issues. The expense of the project will be optimal to operate fairly and advantageously. Management will have specific expectations on the cost and the usage and patient medicinal goods, services for supplying premium medicinal drugs, the distribution network, and co-curricular (Chevarley et al. 2006). Expenditures such as power, fuel, system, and equipments must always be taken into consideration. The opportunity to learn the physicians' mental well-being experience is viewed as a gain that raises the yearly pay according to the professional community, which has knowledge in skills. The actual expense for initiating the project, as it requires equipment and systems to be available for operation, is very costly and reaps the company capital. The budgets will vary from the most expensive expenditures to the lowest expenditures to better define cost savings. Each of these expenses will be in addition to each other.

Proposal Budget Of the Expenses Heretically

Project Managers are taking into consideration the organization's most costly expenditures at the lowest rate. The budget aims to ensure that the project's expenses are speculatively adjusted and to schedule the plan for the source of financing (Le Berre et al., 2017).

Cost Expense Cutting

Reducing costs is best to minimize the damage from the unnecessary expenses in a limited allocation and redirect the budget to the more essential expenses for the organization. People with mental health conditions must seek the best service in light of the situation. The following costs must be covered by spending. Tax and casual job estimates should be lowered to 15 from the 20 (as per the table above) by agreements with the state, which lowers the expense of charges (Siantz et al., 2016). Also, water and power bills are managed to reduce costs in the billing and lighting portion. The examination of the company and the equipment allows reducing the expense of purchasing the devices to help in the psychology centre. The recruiting of contact staff helps minimize the cost of employees, particularly physicians, who are permanently working. Subcontracts longevity provides care for psychiatric disease and enable patients to change their safety. It aims to lower project expenses by giving a financial tax waiver and encouraging the transition of professional skills to boost the project to the bank and the State health ministry.

Project and Loss

Organizations can be aimed at helping the group or volunteering. Nevertheless, there is a current infrastructure on income sources to support day-to-day operations, whether a profit- or non-profit organization. Therefore, there must be a continuous revenue course in support of employees and a variety of expansion plans in line with the organization's organizing plan to succeed in executing its operations (Ursano, 2019). The organization provides the guarantors and supporters in different operating areas with non-monetary help. The organization's primary goal is rehabilitation from traumatic and post-traumatic symptoms of people, particularly soldiers. Based on the company's recognition for providing the highest-quality care for people who have a mental illness, the donors are encouraged to include monetary assistance. The group works in San Diego, marked by a high number of instances of opioid addiction. This report provides a concise description of the organization's gains and expenses. It indicates that the business runs on income or loss.

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