Free Paper on the Importance of a Primary School Website

Published: 2022-04-08
Free Paper on the Importance of a Primary School Website
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Discover the best resources that should be shared with the students and pupils through the internet.

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To have a primary school website that contains all the information, reading materials, and tutors, on the basket weaving techniques.

Conducts research that provides information in the process of decision making about the project.

Every student will also have their account, and discussion forums will be availed to make the whole website both a learning place and a fun place.


Challenge of teaching- Meeting the various needs of students with limited learning and teaching resources.

Solution- Accessible internet resources such as the use of websites.

Reason-As the number of students population increase continuously, the number of tutors and teachers remain the same and this present the challenge on the quality of education among students.

Advantages of WWW

Example/Review of literature

Accessibility of information- Dozens of students can access information from the same source, no matter the location or time. It, therefore, bridges the gap of the inadequacy of learning resources.

More benefits of WWW

- Enhancement of face-to-face instructions

-Enhancement of distance education

-Provision of instructions completely online.

Discussion of Findings



-Measurement of web accessibility - pupils are given a chance to access some websites from home and give feedback on their experience after that.

Web Accessibility among pupils

Qualitative answers

Experience of pupils in using a test website

Recommendation of pupils on the features of the new website


Benefits of using a website- Ease of accessibility, use, and navigation as well as simplicity, and remove the disparities that most pupils experience.

Additional features of the website- Soft copy versions of such materials for the website.

Additional recommendations of the site- Teachers will be trained on how to use the site for the benefit of the pupils. No adverts will be allowed to run on the website to reduce the chances of misusing it.


The research highlights the feasibility of the project.

Maintenance of the website will require more concentration.

Gatekeepers on materials posted needs to be included.

Security of the site also prioritized.


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