Organizational Behavior: Understanding Complex Human Behavior in a Group Setting - Essay Sample

Published: 2023-11-29
Organizational Behavior: Understanding Complex Human Behavior in a Group Setting - Essay Sample
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The study of how people behave in a group setting is known as organizational behavior. Company employees are in a group setting. Organizational behavior seeks to understand some of their traits and the motivation behind such practices. Human behavior is complex and unpredictable. Their complexity increases in an organizational setting because each individual is motivated by his or her agenda (King. However, in as much as individual workers will behave differently because of their agendas, there is that common goal within an organization that would make the members of the same company have certain behaviors that are similar (King & Lawley, 2016). Therefore, this exercise is going to discuss the importance of discussing organizational behavior, the difference between organizational knowledge and skill development, and the five essential functional skills necessary for a successful workplace at present and in the future.

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The study of organizational behavior is essential because it provides an understanding of employee behavior and the motivations behind such acts. Employee behavior is a significant determinant of a company’s probability of success in doing business. Understanding employee behavior enables the management and any other stakeholder to adjust their conduct in a way that can increase the business’ profitability or success. Organizational behavior allows the stakeholders to benefit through employee behavior by focusing on increasing the factors that encourage productive employee behavior while suppressing those that lead to unproductive behavior. Some of these behaviors are determined by objective and skill development.

The difference between objective knowledge and skill development is that the former is gained through study, research, and other relevant scholarly activities. In contrast, skill development is the experience and prowess that is acquired through practice and feedback from performing a particular activity. Both forms of knowledge are essential in the study of organizational behavior. The objective knowledge comes from the mastery of learning theories, conceptual models, and research findings from basic and applied research. It works to facilitate the critical application of research. However, skill development is the application of the things that have been known to be successful in the workplace. Skill development is founded on the idea that skills can be taught and that practice improves a person’s ability to be a manager. The Department of Labor identified five essential skills for workplace success.

The five essential functioning skills required for workplace success, as identified by the Department of Labor, are Resource management skills, which enable the employee to have the most amount of productivity with the least resource consumption. Personal interaction skills that facilitate workplace socialization and collaboration with other employees. Information management skills enable the worker to obtain, process, store, and utilize data. Performance and system behavior skills include understanding the full cause and effect relationship to see the full picture. The employee must understand that the strength of the cause determines the strength of the effect. Finally, there are the technology utilization skills that should enable the employee to make maximum use of the type of technologies available to him or her. Technology is a fundamental piece of the modern workplace, and the lack of knowledge or skill to operate a technological device would mean that the organization is not achieving its maximum productivity. The five skills, as identified by the Department of Labor, are the ingredients needed by a modern worker to ensure their personal success as well as that of the organization.


King, D., & Lawley, S. (2016). Organizational behaviour. Oxford University Press.

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