Laboratory Organization - Essay Example

Published: 2023-09-14
Laboratory Organization - Essay Example
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Laboratory organization refers to the activity of physically establishing a laboratory and its operations. The activity mainly entails dividing the laboratory into sections. In the age of COVID-19 and social distancing, every laboratory should be well organized in compliance with the health directives of social distancing. For a laboratory that will be in use with three staff, proper spacing should be considered.

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For a 20ft by 20ft laboratory and three employees and the manager, the laboratory should be designed to have an office. The office should be separate from the other working stations. Its space coverage should be relatively small and sufficient for only one individual at a time. This is where the laboratory manager conducts his duties and keeps documents.

Every staff should have a working desk well-spaced from the other staff. The desks should be well partitioned to enable privacy. A lockable cabinet is required for storing the chemicals. This cabinet should be fire-resistant and inert to chemicals.

Leadership Styles

Leadership style refers to a leader's behaviors in guiding, directing, motivating, and managing certain people (Popli, & Rizvi, 2017). As a laboratory manager, my leadership style is democratic. A democratic style of leadership is also referred to as shared or participative leadership. This is a type of leadership where the leader gives the group members more time and a chance to participate in an activity. This kind of leadership style gives room for ideas to be exchanged and encourages discussion. Its main aim is equality in the group. However, the group leader offers control and guidance.

The following lessons were important from the self-assessment compass for the laboratory to meet the required tasks. As a leader, I should always present my task clearly and quickly. Every team member should be aware of their roles in dealing with the task. Strict timelines should be established while undertaking the challenge. While in their duties, the staff should be motivated and recognized. Leading a team of laboratory staff also requires listening to them and allowing them to express their feelings. The staff should be aware that the manager appreciates their work. The manager should also appeal to his relationship with the staff.

The laboratory manager should avoid judging or criticizing the staff's ideas. Instead, he should provide support to divergent reasoning. He should be able to provide a variety of challenges and offer supervision and support for the laboratory tasks' success. The manager should allow enough time for decision-making. He should always provide facts and figures that everyone will trust. He should use logic and minimize the expression of emotion.

To develop my weaker leadership qualities, I will practice discipline in my work. This is by trying to organize my work and keeping time in every activity. By so doing, this will help in inspiring the other staff. Taking more responsibilities and tasks is another key way of developing my leadership qualities. This enables one to be focused and busy at all times. As a leader, I should be able to inspire others as a way of developing my qualities. I should learn to listen to every idea from all the teammates and make proper decisions whenever required. Having the ability to resolve conflicts is also a major way of improving weaker leadership qualities.

Leadership positions come along with various challenges that great leaders have to overcome for their success. Among the problems I expect to overcome include building a strong team for the laboratory, learning from both the positive and the negative criticism, maintaining focus and the laboratory's goal, implementing plans and ideas, and solving conflicts in the laboratory.

The laboratory will be organized in a manner that every employee has enough working space. The employees are encouraged to share the ideas on the various experiment being undertaken. The employees will be answerable to the manager who will be giving directives of what to be done. The manager will always be part of every laboratory experiment and will be spending the entire forty hours in the laboratory with the employees. Every employee will be given a certain sector to deal with every process and later combine the outcomes.

Ethical Principles

Laboratory ethical principles are moral guidelines that govern the conduct of all the professionals and people working in the laboratory (Sekadde, Higgins, Bruns, et al.2016). The laboratory codes of ethics include;


All laboratory staff should endeavor to excel in their professional practice and to uphold the integrity and gain public trust. The staff should communicate effectively with colleagues and other laboratory users. They should demonstrate mentorship and share new professional skills and knowledge.


The laboratory staff should conduct their duties in a professional manner, incompetence, and seek guidance. Everybody should accept responsibilities for their actions and undertake their duties practicing independent judgment. The staff should always take the appropriate action in responding to situations at work.


The staff should show respect and integrity in their relationships with other staff. Everyone should take part in the ongoing tasks and in improving the laboratory. The staff should promote knowledge and learning by sharing their different skills among themselves.


The set safety guidelines and protocols should always undertake duties. This should be done in consideration of environmental safety as well as their safety and that of their colleagues. The staff should promote safety culture among each other.


Every laboratory staff should keep professional boundaries when interacting with colleagues and other laboratory users. Everybody should observe respect, dignity, and protection of each other rights.

Job Advertisement

Laboratory Technologist Vacancy

We are hiring one laboratory technologist to work in our new laboratory. The technologist will be reporting to the laboratory manager. The technologist will be of help in the daily running of the laboratory.

Job Responsibilities

The laboratory technologist will be undertaking the following responsibilities; receiving samples and analyzing them. The candidate will be designing and executing the laboratory tests by the set standards of procedures. The technologist will be conducting experiments in testing the various hypothesis. He will be organizing and storing the chemicals as instructed as well as proper recording of data. The technologist will help in ordering the required laboratory items and maintaining them. He should always maintain the laboratory safety guidelines


The candidate must have a bachelor's degree with a minimum of three years working experience. He should be licensed and registered by the laboratory board and be able to work under minimal supervision. The technologist should be in a position to analyze and evaluate data critically. He should be computer literate and able to keep budgets.

Laboratory Assistant Vacancy

We are hiring a talented laboratory assistant to work with other laboratory staff in processing samples, performing tests, recording the results, and analyzing them.

Job Responsibilities

The laboratory assistant will be responsible for preparing equipment for the upcoming experiments. He will be compiling and reporting data in documents and graphs. The technician is also responsible for cleaning and maintaining the lab equipment. He is in a position to monitor the carried out experiments and gather information and data from them.


The candidate for this position should have an associate degree. He should have excellent communication skills, both verbally and written. The assistant should have experience in working in the laboratory. He should have research skills as well as analytical skills. He should also have the ability to keep records and data. The assistant should also have teamwork skills and be familiar with computer research programs

Interview Questions

These are the questions set for the candidates to be asked during the interview.

  • What experience do you have working in the laboratory field?
  • Name some challenges you expect to encounter in the laboratory? How will you solve the problems?
  • Name any suggestion you have ever made in the laboratory that was implemented?
  • What are your greatest weaknesses?
  • Why do you feel you would want to work with us?
  • Why should we consider giving you the job?

Application Review

From the job advertisements, the organization seeks to employ two laboratory staff. From applications, as the laboratory manager would consider hiring Susie Sample for the position of the laboratory technologist. This appointment is majorly based on his qualifications since he has a bachelor's degree, one of the requirements in the position, and also has five years' experience from microbiology tech in hospital. He is also ready and willing to change from the hospital.

For the position of a laboratory assistant, as the manager, I would appoint Melanie Micro. This is because Melanie is familiar with the university setting and has previously worked in a small lab. Although Melanie has a bachelor's degree, he can still fit in the position since he has a busy personal life. This means Melanie shouldn't be in a demanding position.

Educational Objectives

Training objectives are the expected outcome of a training course (Alliance, 2017). These are the main achievements of learners after completion of the training. These training objective include;

Increase engagement and motivation

This shows the employees that the organization values them. By engaging the employees, they feel motivated and are more comfortable in their duties. This boosts loyalty among the staff and hence excellence in performance.

Improves the Efficiencies of the Process

Training is mostly conducted to equip the employees with the required technical skills for the given job. Technical training is required for employees who need hard skills in the performance of their tasks. Good training leads to better performance in the entire process.

Minimizes the Chance of Employee Turnover

Training gives the employee the required context for undertaking the job. The employee should realize how his efforts contribute to the well-being of the organization. As such, the employee needs to feel recognized and valued for his contributions. This minimizes the chances of an employee failing to turn up for the job hence lowers the cost of hiring a new employee.

Improves the skills of the employees

Training improves the employee's knowledge and skills. This is mainly done by taking into consideration the employee's weaknesses. The employees are later given bigger tasks and allowed to work under little or no supervision. Improving the skills of an employee makes him feel motivated and independent-minded.

Managing Risks

Employees are required to undergo certain training to minimize the risks that may occur to the organization and themselves, such as accidents.

Employees Evaluation

After working for ninety days as the laboratory manager, I made the following review with the employees to see the progress of the work. The review is set to take approximately one hour with each employee. The review seeks to find out if the set goals have been met for ninety days. During the review process, we will discuss the challenges the employees have faced and provide room for feedback, both verbally and in writing. The review is set to be a conversation where the manager engages with the employees and not a monolog.

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