Essay Sample on Organizational Behavior of Tim Cook

Published: 2023-03-06
Essay Sample on Organizational Behavior of Tim Cook
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Tim Cook is the Chief Executive Officer of Apple Corporation. He began his work in the company in 1998 as a senior vice president of world operations. He is a professional engineer. Cook joined Auburn University to study industrial engineering. In 1988, he joined Duke University's Fuqua to pursue MBA. Tim worked for 12 years in IBM. In 1994, he joined Intelligent Electronics as the chief operating officer of the reseller's division. In 1997, he was recruited at Compaq to be the vice president of corporate materials. In 1998, he joined Apple to be the CEO following the demise of Steve Jobs (, 2018).

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Behavioral Leadership Style of Tim Cook

As opposed to Steve Job's autocratic leadership styles, Tim Cook had an entirely different leadership style, which strongly focuses on both entrepreneurial and relationships with employees. Tim demonstrated a people-oriented leadership style by strongly emphasizing increasing cooperation among Apple's collection of talent. This style of leadership indicated a democratic way of management, which promotes consensus building, specifically among high-tech employees. Moreover, he delegated most of the functions to the members of his cabinet. This style of leadership promoted employees' goodwill and industrial growth.

Path-Goal Theory of Leadership Demonstrated by Tim Cook

Path goal theory of leadership is a type of leadership style that focuses on demonstrating behaviors that are suitable to workers' and their working environment to meet the set targets. In this style of leadership, leaders choose particular behaviors that are appropriate to workers needs and their working environment so that they can give guidance to employees through their journey in carrying out their daily work activities. The theory stressed on directive, achievement-oriented, participative, and supportive styles (, 2017). Tim Cook motivated employees to perform better. He also encourages them through communication and charismatic leadership.

Motivating the Employees to Perform Better

Tim Cooks like to pass information directly to his workers. He mostly uses charm and charismatic leadership. He applied the charm of his charisma to influence and offer motivation to employees to perform their tasks in the best way to increase production. The methods used by Tim Cook motivated employees since they made them feel part of the corporation's achievements. He opts to speak with employees promptly and quietly concerning every issue and remain strict. Cook monitors the implementation of task transformation and orientations to conform to how he directed. His style of leadership demonstrated his desire to see the company expand to greater heights based on his declaration (Jaafar, 2018).

Motivation and Communication

Cook is a visionary leader, and he is aware of what the company requires for both short- term and long-term goals. He has robust business ideas that enable him to run the company. Tim used his charismatic leadership style to encourage, motivate, and inform employees' on what is required for the company to succeed.

Charismatic Leadership

Cook is a charismatic leader who prefers to lead the company behind closed doors. He mostly uses his well-structured and bold words to outline rules regarding the direction he desires the company should follow. The directives roles Tim's gives out enable him to contribute positively to the performance of the company. The leadership style of Tim Cook is felt in the entire company as he specializes in planning and decision making.

Tim Cook as a Transformational Leader

Transformational leadership is the ability to make people desire change, to make an improvement, and to be lead. Transformational leadership can be categorized into individual consideration, intellectual stimulation, inspirational motivation, and idealized influence. Tim Cook's transformational leadership was his significant role in ensuring there is a positive transformation in IT security globally. He became a role model in championing privacy and encryption. Also, he directly influences Apple's policy on privacy and encryption. Some of Tim's achievements are the success of Apple Pay, iWatch, and recently launched versions of the iPhone. His demonstration of bold steps to fight harsh wars like the fight for privacy made him a role model and inspiration to his workers.

Tim Cook as an Effective Leader

Tim is a successful leader since he can demonstrate his worth to the consumers of the apple products and the company. He has strongly focused on improving employees relation and existing products. He has perfected the watch further, launched the iPad Pro, and fixed an existing phone during the recent release of Apple products. One of his latest products is the health app on the apple watch, which can predict seizures.

How Tim Cook Leadership Could Be Improved

Based on my opinion, Tim Cook's leadership can be improved by encouraging him to get inspired personally. The real motivation is found within oneself. Secondly, he should formulate ways of the rewarding the departmental team that have attained or surpassed their targets. The CEO should also institute a strategy of recruiting positive people and plan on ways of celebrating small achievements. Probably, planning on vacation tours after meeting short term goals.

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