Education Essay Sample: Master's of City Science in Professional Studies

Published: 2019-07-16
Education Essay Sample: Master's of City Science in Professional Studies
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American universities and colleges,(2010) states that Master's in City Science Program is a cross-cutting advanced program between architecture and engineering schools, it provides an all-inclusive approach to cities development. City Science Program responds of professionals with a comprehensive and technical vision of the urban phenomenon beyond the concept of Smart Cities. Masters in City Science Program network includes lecturers and collaborators from the most distinguished universities globally, as University College London, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Harvard University, ETH And Illiniois Institute of Technology. The city science master is a unique 60 ECTS package that incorporates all the fundamental disciplines concerning the city.

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Why Master in City Science Program

Masters of Science in Professional Studies is the most determined advance package ever promoted by the UPM (Universidad Politecnica de Madrid), providing not only universal view on the expansion of the city but also a distinctive opportunity to encounter the best experts in their respective grounds.A global faculty and a comprehensive relationship between architecture and engineering schools providing a flourishing environment that, with only two editions, has now become a global benchmark (Steiner, Butler & American Planning Association, 2007).

How City Science Program will relate to my Long-range Career Objective

My career objective is to have a job where my experience in city planning, supported by systems engineering capabilities and innovative decision making, will consequence in an expansive clientele and a much profitable organization. I believe master in City Science Program will pivot my understanding in the concept of a City. I also believe with a wide range of quality experts and lecturers that the University offers I will be able to interrelate the cities future challenges through holistic approach. This program will open my mind to adversity in increasing my desires to embrace a global career and my flexibility skills and also in giving new perspectives.

Personal Qualities that will contribute to Learning Environment in City Science Program

Amongst my personal qualities I believe that being courageous,persistence and social are the qualities that will contribute greatly in my learning environment. Throughout my life since I was a small kind I have learnt to accomplish my goals no matter how long it takes or how many times I have to try for me to accomplish those goals. Am always social, this will help me discuss on topics that are comprehensive in City Science and also to interact with both international and local students on matters concerning academic.

Why I what to Attend Your University

I knew the University through study portal which helped me to choose the university that I wished to study with. I choose university because its quality international experts and lecturers who have help many studies globally to acquire skills in building and developing sustainable community based and efficient cities. The university has also produced prominent city planners through City Science Program


City Science Program is going way beyond expectations, its quality experts and lecturers give all-inclusive perspective needed so as to manage cities of the future. In additional this course gives us the student opportunities to discuss about topical issues associated with city as a component analysis, while realizing foundational skills about interdisciplinary background of urban economics, planning theory and city development, modern cities, demography, urban ecology and practical problem solving and research approaches to the learning of urban systems.


American universities and colleges. (2010). Santa Barbara, Calif: Praeger.

Steiner, F. R., Butler, K. S., & American Planning Association.(2007). Planning and urban designs standards.Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley.

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