Career Essay Sample: Resume Skills and Summary

Published: 2022-02-21
Career Essay Sample: Resume Skills and Summary
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As a graduating student from the Latrobe University, the following skills support my ability to work in any job position within my marketing profession including customer service, professional communication, driving, social media marketing, teamwork and problem-solving.

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Customer Service

Working at the Tang Chinese Restaurant from February to June 2019 helped me learn customer service skills in a restaurant. Customer service entails the types of products offered to customers, how they are presented, the waiting time, consistency of service, and overall presentation to the customer. While working at the restaurant as a volunteer intern, I have gained various customer service skills. For instance, the timely delivery of food to customers is crucial for active customer service. The waiting time of the tables for service was minimum, and this kept many of the customers return for the best customer services in the restaurant. Consistency of products and services on the hotel ensured the customers were aware of what to expect, and this improved the flow of clients each day. Therefore, customer service skills entail how best a provider handles customers to achieve the satisfaction of their needs.

Professional Communication Skills

The completion of a Bachelor of Marketing course at Latrobe University has equipped me with professional communication skills that I have been able to apply during the internship as well as on many other daily activities. The ability to undertake thoughtful communication with every person I meet helps me in achieving fruitful conversations. For instance, at the Tang Chinese Restaurant, it was always a good practice to use a useful language of customer service. The use of right language works, and the correct tone is still necessary for effective and professional communication that builds the message impact to the receiver. I understand that the holistic experience of a customer depends on the efficiency of communication. Friendly gestures are necessary to make the client comfortable and feel accepted to be in a specific place. Having practical communication skills is core to building a customer lifetime value for the business.

Social Media Marketing Skills

At the current digital age, any productive and successful marketing personnel must have social media marketing skills. These competencies help an individual to understand the trends in the market and respond with the required action. As a marketer, I have several social marketing skills learned during the course, including understanding how content operates on the social network and web as well as community engagement. Social media marketing skills will enable me to create conversations on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, observe communication flow, and respond to the discussions for the brand that I am promoting. Using social media, I can update a client's page, check emails, upload and listen to videos, updating brand information, sharing exciting content, and following of clients' conversations on Facebook and Twitter. These are crucial skills for a marketer who wants to achieve a successful brand promotion on the social web. As I learned during the course, social media content works through amplification by the marketer and the community. Therefore, understanding the content that works, and that does not work is critical to tailor the social media messages to the intended audience in an effective manner.

Driving Skills

Apart from working as a marketer or any other position, I have driving skills for both small cars and heavy machines such as the forklift. Previously, in August 201 to July 2016, I worked as a forklift driver at Laverton-Laverton, Vic. The experience helped me gain driving skills for heavy machines. As a fork lifter, I learned the driving skills of operating a shocker, move materials from one place to another, in the factory, storage yards as well as other sites of work. I understand the hydraulic lifting system in the machine and jobs that may require manual intervention such as the need of kneeling, crawl and carry heavy objects that cannot be lifted by the forklift.

Teamwork Skills

During the bachelor of marketing course, I have been able to gain various teamwork skills when engaging with fellow students in assignments and during the internship. As a team player, I observe punctuality in any task given to ensure on time completion of tasks. The power of positivity makes me a capable team player focused on achieving the set goals. At the University, I worked with other six students to prepare a marketing presentation for a brand of choice. During the task, I collaborated with classmates to research the brand, interviewed several customers about the product, and came up with findings to present to other members of the class. The task was easier handled by six of us when compared to me handling it alone. Therefore, I recognize the importance of teamwork in accomplishing a given job.

Problem-solving Skills

Conflict management is an aspect that I gained during my internship at the Tang Chinese Restaurant. I learned problem-solving skills by applying practically to a situation in the restaurant. I helped a colleague handle a case of poor service to the customer. Using negotiation skills, it was helpful for the customer to understand that it will not happen again. I also requested my colleague in the workplace to serve the customer back with a clean and decent meal. I apologized to the customer on behalf of my colleague. Even though the customer was angry with the services, in the end, his issue was resolved, and he went satisfied with the improved service. Understanding the importance of handling situations as they arise is necessary to avoid many tensions that may occur in the workplace. My ability to mediation between two people was a valuable skill that helped in retaining a customer for the business.

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