Essay Sample on the Nursing Profession

Published: 2023-02-10
Essay Sample on the Nursing Profession
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Nursing is a vast profession with complex concepts and diversity in specializations. The nursing profession is embedded in four metaparadigm which are person, environment, health, and nursing (San, Heras-Saizarbitoria & Tari, 2016). Professional nursing emphasizes on the ethics and values set. Nursing is a vital profession in the health sector since it ensures care of the people and the environment. proper education must be imparted to the nursing students to achieve effective nursing professionalism. Factors influencing the personal nursing philosophy and the four nursing metaparadigms are therefore important elements of the profession that have to be put into proper consideration for the development of excellent professionals.

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The nursing profession is governed by stringent professional values, ethics, and norms in society (Draper, Clark, & Rogers, 2016). Various factors influence the development of personal nursing philosophy among the students. Firstly, culture plays a vital role in developing professional values. Knowledge of people's culture helps one to have the moral sense in the society and guides him to act within the norms of the society. Secondly, individual traits influence nursing philosophy. To adhere to the professional values of nursing one has to have integrity, must be disciplined and have the willingness to learn continuously and take instructions. Nurses also require intensive academic and professional involvement which directly corresponds to their performance in the professional world. Adequate as well as tailored training result in the efficient execution of duties among nursing professionals. Another factor that is key in influencing the personal nursing philosophy is the student's perspective on professional norms (Draper, Clark, & Rogers, 2016). A nurse's attitude towards his profession and the norms that govern the professional determine his performance. A poor attitude results in substandard performance in the profession.

The four nursing metaparadigm is the focus of the nursing profession. Nursing aims at providing care to human beings. Therefore, from the nursing perspective a person has three elements that have to be taken care of. The elements are body mind and soul. Proper care ensures that the three elements are in consonance (San, Heras-Saizarbitoria & Tari, 2016). The nursing profession is therefore compelled to meet the diverse needs of human care. Every patient should be served according to his wishes and their dignity maintained by the nurse. The nurse, therefore, has the core responsibility of ensuring that the patient's feelings and body are well taken care of.

The environment is also essential in nursing philosophy. Environment involves all the surroundings of a person. A conducive environment not only plays a role in the healing of a person but also gives hope and a sense of relaxation to the patient. Proper lighting of rooms, cleanliness and fresh air conditions without noise should be maintained.

Good health is the ultimate target of nursing a patient. Nurses can significantly improve the health of a patient, not only by administering drugs but also through their understanding of the patient and giving of advice. Diseases and injury are the major causes of poor health among people. Nurses are therefore warranted to teach people how to prevent infections. Prevention of illness is the best solution because it saves time, resources and saves the patient from undergoing hardships (San, Heras-Saizarbitoria & Tari, 2016).

In conclusion, nursing is not only a career job to earn someone living, but it is also a calling that requires sacrifice and commitment. Nursing is essential in the healing process of patients both physically and mentally. Therefore, factors influencing the development of personal nursing philosophy should be considered and exercised for efficiency in the health sector.


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