Essay Sample on Schooling Experiences

Published: 2023-11-28
Essay Sample on Schooling Experiences
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Across the school curriculum, there is a lot that one learns. Before the age of thirty, one has usually spent more time in school than in any other place. I have been lucky to school in two countries, Jordan and the United States, with great experiences from both. Schooling is a crucial period of building personality and relationships. Since elementary school to college, the experiences can be put down in a book since they are countless. However, there are always moments and times that stand out in that period. These moments define the life of a person in the long run. In my schooling experiences, the most fundamental thing that has developed and grown in me is building social relationships. Most people would describe me as a social enthusiast. It is not something that has developed in me as an adult; instead, it began way back in my early schooling days.

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Schooling has never been about the classroom setup throughout. From the first grade upwards, some activities shape one’s life beyond the pen and the book. In the early grades, we always had teachers giving us little games to play. We would be paired in twos in the first grade and given an apple to share. In other cases, it would be turn-taking games at the swings. From an early age, I started learning that the next person matters and deserves their space and chance. Harmonious living and friendship were achieved if one rated others right when doing other activities. I made more friends at the swings than I ever did inside the classroom, which explains the importance of socialization.

As I progressed through the ranks and grades, I would go through more experiences that taught me a lot about socialization. The best of my experiences came in middle school. At this time, adolescence was catching momentum, and I knew a lot more about life and communal living. After all the games and excitement of the earlier years, some sort of maturity was coming along. The body was different, and interactions were also different. Other than just having friends for the games and swings, I understood friends mean much more than that.

In middle school, I had a few friends I could refer to as confidants. Keeping another person’s secret is as important as playing with them. It is also at this stage I learn how to work in teams and groups. Within such groups, rapport is established if people share common characteristics and interests. At one point, I was listed in a team full of ballet lovers to undertake a task with them. Nothing was forthcoming for because I had no clue what ballet was about. I felt misplaced and out of place. However, other members were comfortable and discussed their ballet as they went about their tasks. However, any time I would be listed in a group of chess lovers, my performance would be impressive.

Experiences in the course of schooling are lessons. They may be direct events when they happen, but reflecting back on them makes one realize the impact they have had on their life in its entirety. Today in my work experiences, I am very keen on the teams I join or create. They need to have a rapport to work together. This is only possible if the members are united by a particular common interest, which makes them composed when around each other. Personally, I am an extrovert. This always makes it easy for me to gel with people and work together with them. However, not everyone has similar traits. Whenever I strike a conversation with an individual, I can tell how easy to make them a friend. It depends on their extroversion or introversion traits.

College was a tremendous experience for me. For the first time in life, I felt an absolute broadened scope of freedom. Everything was in my control. I could go out with whom I wanted and could be friends with anyone without raising eyebrows. Unlike in elementary school and middle school, college is full of life. Therefore, one can make a host of friends with relative ease. There is too much free time in college between classes and over the weekends, which creates ample time to make friends.

The learning setup in college is ideal for creating friends. Group assignments, projects, and organizations are part of daily living. Therefore, one has countless opportunities to build friendships and personal relationships. College is also extremely diverse by any measure than one can think about. Therefore, emotional intelligence is required in the way one relates to people. It is also in college hat one really understands societal differences and applies them in making friends.

Coming to the United States from Jordan in 2017 was a massive move for me, and I banked on lessons learns in my early schooling to make new friends. English being a second language, I needed to invoke my other skills to learn fast how to live in the United States without struggles. Therefore, I borrowed from my school experiences. Joining the country to me could be compared to joining another class or a new school back in the early days of schooling. One meets new people, a new environment, new teachers, and one has to adapt pretty well to continue.

The United States was my new classroom. The same way I had applied my extroversion to make friends back in school in Jordan, I did the same when I arrived in the US in 2017. Today, I have a host of friends whom I can count on all the time. The concept of diversity is very pronounced in the United States. Unlike in Jordan, where the majority are Arabic, I am here as part of the minority. Thanks to the way I learned living with people from diverse backgrounds, I have easily managed to integrate and live well within American society.

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