Free Essay on Marketing Concept and Social Responsibilities

Published: 2022-03-15
Free Essay on Marketing Concept and Social Responsibilities
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Marketing concept in marketing is used by businesses as a strategy to implement on how to satisfy the consumer need, maximize on their profit, gain a competitive advantage over the other competitors and to increase their general sales. On the other hand, societal marketing focuses mainly on the human welfare before considering profits and eventual satisfaction of the consumer needs. It goes further by focusing on social responsibilities and make the suggestion that a company should develop some strategies to enhance its relationship with society at large for a competitive advantage this, in turn, increases the company's image leading to increasing sales hence the increase in profits.

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In societal concept for instance a company may come up with advertisements which take into account the imaging issues in the society such as environmental pollution and makes the society aware of the impacts of conserving the environment by emphasizing on the benefits of conserving the environment and informing them on the diversification of ethnicity and its general contribution to the welfare of the society. For example, a Safaricom company can produce an advertisement showing different ethnicity within the individuals of the country and show its significance. In marketing concept which emphasizes mostly on market research for the maximization of profit and consumer needs. For example, given two companies which are selling or providing with the same products e.g. Safaricom and Airtel which are mobile service providers, they both offer same services. However, the service provider is diversified based on the marketing concept. Where Airtel focus on the affordability, Safaricom conveys comprehensively on the methodology and offering quality differentiated services, hence they are able to compete favorably with its rival.

Most companies provide social responsibilities, which is a concept of giving back to the society for the purpose of appreciation and enhancing the relationship and has adopted sustainable practices. Such companies include World Bank, which has decided to light the streets of town some African countries to improve their economy. Due to dynamic changes in the environmental, social and cultural aspects of the business consumer research can be used to evaluate the social responsibility of the business for maintaining and protecting their business for a continuous growth and benefit to all. Social media can be of significance in addressing the different social responsibilities undertaken by the company to enable the society to be informed and make them appreciate the efforts of the company.

There are practical and psychological motives that can influence a person decide on a given product e.g. coffee brand. Psychological factors include perception, beliefs, attitude etc. with the main aim of satisfying the customer needs. This needs can be biological like thirst or psychological arising from the need for recognition or belonging. For example, one can buy a coffee brand since he has a perception that coffee works best for him or her than other stimulants such as tea. Or a consumer may be motivated based on experiences believes and attitude to use a particular brand of coffee. The other motive that influences an individual decision may include personal factors such as buyer's age, occupation, and economic situations. For example, age-related factors such as taste in food and beverages may motivate one to buy a coffee brand. Lastly, social factors also affect the buying decision of an individual i.e. the people surrounding a consumer may influence his /her buying decision.

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