Essay Sample - Health Policy Proposal

Published: 2019-10-01
Essay Sample - Health Policy Proposal
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The employer should have a drug and alcohol policy that is written and clearly-spelled-out in the workplace. It is thus important for employees to have enough safety and security to come forward and admit they have a problem in substance abuse, and hence, the official workplace policy should be drafted to offer support rather than threats. In this regard, the organization has a moral and legal obligation that encompasses the courageous response to the plight of the drug users. The organization hence provides to the drug users safe injection facilities where they carry out their activity without exposure to unnecessary risks (Buse, 2012). The facilities, however, are manned by qualified medical personnel who supervise the administration of the drugs. They, however, do not advocate for the use of use of drugs but assist in avoidance of risky health outcomes that arise from unclean tools and overdose. Confidentiality is paramount to protect the drug users from other employees. The employees in respect to confidentiality are required to ensure that they offer help to the drug users who are need of a safe place to carry out their drug use. The employees use their judgment to identify the drug users and also assist the drug users to carry out their drug use without asking unnecessary questions.

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The community as a stakeholder in the Health Policy and how they react to having a supervised injection site in the community.

The success or the failure of policies that seek to address alcohol and drug issues can be substantively be influenced by the community where they are found. It is important for the community to support the policy to ensure stability in the long term because the conflict with the community can harm the reputation of the program and also can lead to the closure. No legal provision requires the health care providers to consult the community before opening the service. However, the supervise injection site is controversial, and there is limited public knowledge about the services and it is advisable that strategies are developed for engagement with the community and hence ensuring the program is operated effectively (Wittman, 2014). The surrounding communities around the SIS should react positively towards facility because it is particularly evident that there are consequences of ignoring the alcohol and drug problems. The effects include an increase in crime rates thus a high number of residents are incarcerated. The community should be in agreement that the implementation of the SIS program has its goals that include the reduction of health consequences; there is an increase in contact between the user and the health workers, and the neighborhood problems related to drug use are reduced.

How the Policy assist in the rehab of SIS users

The achievement of the immediate objective of the supervised injection sites is to offer a place that is safe for lower risk and the hygienic consumption of the drug (Polcin, 2014). The impact of the SIS is that it reduces the risk behavior that accrues from the injection and in particular the improvement in the practice of injection, the use of sterile equipment and lack of opportunity to share drugs. From the available knowledge, the SIS assist in rehabilitating the users through;

Reduction in risk behavior that leads to transmission of infectious disease,

Decrease in the incidences of fatal overdose.

The establishment of contact between the rehab and the population hence a first point access because of care and social assistance offered.


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