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Customer loyalty refers to the tendency by consumers to prefer the use of products from a particular organization in a competitive market. Customer loyalty is an important approach for an organization to increase profitability and sales. 

Coke Zero

Coke Zero is a coca cola brand which is a low-calorie non-alcoholic beverage. Coke zero is a special Coca-Cola product that has been able to attract a number of loyal consumers due to the quality of the product and its health implications to the consumer. Coke Zero is a high-quality Coca-Cola nonalcoholic beverage which is attractive to consumers who are seeking a refreshment drink with less amount of calories. Excessive consumption of calories in beverages and food products leads to health problems such as obesity and high blood sugar. I am loyal to the coke zero coca cola brand due to its competitive prices and also the beverage is of high quality. Lastly, loyalty to Coke zero is caused by the competitive product price and marketing activities of the organization products.  Due to the growing increase in the number of health complications that are caused by poor lifestyles and products Coke zero reduces the risk of such healthcare products.

Building consumer trust

Consumer trust is an important tool that an organization such as Coca-Cola Company can use to increase sales and also consumer loyalty. Organization market outlook significantly affects the overall consumer and community trust. An organization such as Coca-Cola can use the following strategy to increase the consumer trust;

-    Social corporate responsibility and projects

It is important for an organization to establish community-based projects which can help an organization to establish positive relationships with the community and customers. It is important for an organization to offer corporate social responsibility projects which help build more consumer trust and sales (Kandampully et al. 2015).

-    Building a strict corporate culture to guide organization decision-making

An organization culture is significant due to its role in the normal development of an organization. An organization culture plays a significant role in the behavior and the conduct between employees and other community members. A good organization culture strengthens the relationship between an organization and the product consumers. 

-    An organization can also increase the function and consumer trusts towards a particular product through advertisement which create more information to a product consumers. Regarding mental psychology, a product can increase its consumer base and trust by associating a product with a more successful product (Kandampully et al. 2015).

Ethical considerations of trust


It is important for trust to be built through virtues of honesty which is a significant ethical consideration in establishing trust and loyalty. 


Trust is built only through transparency in which an organization shares information regarding a product without hiding any information. Transparency enables the organization to share which further improves trust and loyalty to an organization product (Kandampully et al. 2015).

Consumer trust to companies

It is important for consumers to have less trust in companies because their primary drive and orientation is not the health and wellness of the consumers but the company’s profitability. Some consumers are more prone to an organization loyalty in cases where an organization other products have met the needs of the needs of the consumers before. Consumers seek products from already established organizations and companies that place the interests of the consumers before the organization intrinsic needs. Organizations should, therefore, tailor their goods and services to meet the needs and preferences of the people which further increases loyalty and customer satisfaction (Kandampully et al. 2015).


Kandampully, J., Zhang, T., & Bilgihan, A. (2015). Customer loyalty: a review and future directions with a special focus on the hospitality industry. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 27(3), 379-414.


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