Marketing Essay Example: Customer Loyalty

Published: 2018-02-11
Marketing Essay Example: Customer Loyalty
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Maintaining the customers’ loyalty is one way through which companies gain a competitive advantage as well as grabbing a bigger market share. Loyal customers are very likely to come back to the business or refer their peers to the firm for the purchase of goods and services. Goods and service industry alike should capitalize on quality as the core determinant of customer loyalty (Peltola, 2014). Research has also shown that a company’s ability to offer a variety of goods draws new and existing customers and consequently enhances brand loyalty (Peltola, 2014). Shepherd should, therefore, provide quality gems and jewelry to his customers with an attempt to establish loyalty to his brand. He should also give his clientele a variety of gems to choose from in order to attract a big customer base, and eventually attract a loyal group of clients from the customer base.

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The customer database should contain the financial muscles of his clients, the customers’ special preferences, and perhaps their country of origin. The first two pieces of information will help Shepherd to know the kinds of gems that his customers want and are willing to buy. The last one may be useful when dealing with international customers who travel long distances to obtain jewelry from PearlParadise. To establish repeat purchase behavior among his clients, it is advisable for shepherd to ask for feedback from his customer in gauging their satisfaction levels in the goods they buy from him. I would this recommend for Shepherd to maintain quality and acquire only the genuine and professionally processed gems to keep his customers coming. He should also have an active website that promptly responds to customers’ queries and feedback.


Peltola, A. K. (2014). Maintaining customer loyalty: Developing services at Health Club Hukka.

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