Essay Example on Observing: Describe a Picture or a Photograph

Published: 2023-10-27
Essay Example on Observing: Describe a Picture or a Photograph
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A photo can display numerous types of information just at a glance. That is because many aspects can be noticed from a photo, which helps an individual understand it better. Through what is displayed in a photo, there are numerous aspects that an individual can have. In this case, there is a photo of three children at sunset at the beach eating watermelons. From looking at the photo, numerous details can be seen. First and foremost, the children are all smiles, which indicates they are enjoying each other's company. One of them has glasses on her eyes, but that cannot stop one from noticing she is happy. Her lips are extended, which shows she is smiling, indicating a great experience from eating, combined with the amazing company she has. They are happy with the other kids, too, as they are having a conversation as they share the fruit. Therefore, the first aspect that one notices from the photo is happiness.

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Through sight, one notices the children's happiness, which can be from various sources. First, it can be from the enjoyment they derive from the company they have. That is common among children because they have multiple similarities, which can be a source of enjoyment. They might be from playing; therefore, the happiness derived from the play might still be evident from the smiles. Furthermore, they might be friends or siblings; and may have a long-term connection based on joy. Therefore, from the photo, it can be justified that the enjoyment is for a long period. The pleasure derived from eating the watermelon can be another source of the happiness they are experiencing. Fruits have fructose, which is sweet and brightens up peoples' emotions. Therefore, when the children are eating the fruit, they are more likely to be happy in the long run. Therefore, the happiness displayed on their faces can be justified based on multiple bases.

From the photo, it is evident that the children are at the shore of a water body, highlighting another aspect in the photo. It is not every day that people have access to a water body's shores, with the cool breeze and gentle sounds from it. Therefore, the children might be on vacation, accompanying their parents. A vacation is a great experience for any individual because of various reasons. It relieves one from the boredom associated with their normal activities and also reunites them with their loved ones. That is another reason for the children being happy. A change in the environment is evident; because of the vibrant nature that can be seen in the photo. A typical vacation is accompanied by fun, which can be seen captured by the photo in this case. That is the significance of a vacation, the fun derived from the entire experience, which makes it work looking forward to. Therefore, the relaxation which may be a vacation is seen from the photo.

A sunset can be seen from the background of the photo, which is always a great scene to watch. Therefore, the time of day in this case is evening; and the children are out enjoying the cool breeze of the water body. Furthermore, the sunset is always gentle on the skin; it exposes the body to moderate heat. The sunset is brilliantly colored, with an eternal orange color. That is always a great scene to see; because of the calm aspect of the sunset color. In this case, it is a source of enjoyment and calm for the children in the photo. As adults, the children are passionate about colors, which makes them love being outside in the sunset. The other aspect that is enjoyable in the picture is the perception of a cool breeze's presence accompanying the sunset. The breeze has cool sounds, caused by the sound of the wind in contact with the water. That has a very calm feeling on a person, which does not discriminate any age. Therefore, the sunset, breeze, and colors are the other aspects seen in the photo, which might be responsible for brightening the children's mood.

This image has a special meaning to me because of the various aspects that can be noticed from it. First, it signifies the importance of happiness in life. The children are happy, which is a great attribute in life. Happiness reduces the likelihood of being stressed by adverse events in life, which may compromise their peace. Among children, happiness is essential for proper nurturing. It contributes to great mental health and bonding between the children and their parents. Through bonding, there is better welfare in the family as the children grow. Therefore, the picture encourages individuals to ensure they are happy and gain the benefits associated with happiness. The other special meaning the photo has to me is that of emphasizing the significance of the company. No individual is an island; we will always need each other for various reasons. In this case, the children derive happiness from many things, one of them being how they appreciate the company they have with one another. That contributes to a better life in the long run. Therefore, it is essential to make sure we have a great company to make us happy and have a better life in the long run.


In this case, the photo contains a wide variety of information that can be noticed from what one can see. From the children eating, and smiling, the sunset, and large water bodies. They all have one attribute in common, of happiness. Happiness is an essential aspect of life, which the picture helps in highlighting in various ways. A thorough analysis of the contents of the photo shows that there are numerous causes of happiness, all of which can be appreciated in life. In this case, these are children; therefore, adults can emulate the contents of the picture and have a great life too. A picture is worth a thousand words, which is true in this case, as more information can be derived from one picture, like this one.

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