Lois Mailou Jone Research - Art Essay Example

Published: 2018-10-08
Lois Mailou Jone Research - Art Essay Example
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The Ascent of Ethiopia painting by Lois Mailou Jones In 1932 of a woman named Lois Mailou Jones

The Ascent of Ethiopia was a painting done by Lois Jones in 193. It was drawn to symbolize the history of the Black Americans. It draws its experiences from Ethiopia and in Harlem Renaissance. This paper will look into details a keen analysis of what can be withdrawn from just observing the image.

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From the picture, I can see a large profile of the head of a presumably Ethiopian woman in the right-hand corner of the painting. In the painting, there is a crouching dark figure which appears to be traveling in the direction of a big bright star that is in the power left-hand side of the painting as well as a bright light coming from what can be taken to me Harlem in the upper right-hand corner. Here is a mixture of colors that have been used in the painting. Brown colors have been used to paint the woman to symbolize that the women are black. There are yellow color and many more mixture of colors in the background that represents the African heritage. However, the most used colors in the painting are black and white. The objects that can be seen from the paintings are a picture of couples holding their hands together, a picture of a man kneeling down facing the star and praying towards it, some pyramids and what appear like a hill. There are a few writings in the paint. At the right top of the painting, there is a yellow painting that denotes the sun. Within the yellow painting, some symbols have been drawn to show music. By just looking at the painting, there are some questions that can ring in mind. The first question is to what extent did Lois Jones explored the Negro heritage and the history. From the painting observations, I believe it is an aesthetic painting that has a lot of meaning.

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