Free Essay Sample on Product Design

Published: 2018-06-19
Free Essay Sample on Product Design
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Product development process

The company has focused on making some bedroom furniture, and before any of its products reaches the final consumer, some processes are involved. The product development process begins with idea generation whereby by a suggestion is put forward. The second stage is a screening of the idea to better understand it, and if agreed upon, the concept is then tested. The next stage is business analytics whereby the metrics are implemented to monitor the progress, and after that, the product is taken for testing. After testing, the marketing team then comes up with the plan of distributing the product. The second last stage is commercialization now that consumers have re buying it. Lastly, there is reviewing the product to check for if any improvement is needed

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The type of the organization structure for the company is functional structure whereby every portion of the business is grouped according to its function. Every person lies in an individual department, and as much as they work differently, all activities are coordinated by the top management. Just like any other business, the company faces some issues, for example, employee's turnover is being experienced now and then. The company is ending up losing some of the experienced staff that it has groomed and ends up depending on newly recruited staffs Secondly, there is increased completion in the furniture industry, and the competitors appears to have a more competitive advantage since they have been in business for long. The company has come up with two initiative to control quality as this is what customers need. The first effort is ensuring that right suppliers for the raw materials are selected since if the raw material is compromised, the end product will also be compromised. The company has also focused on quality prevention rather than quality detection. Every step of production is monitored.

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