Free Essay on Nurse Manager as a Coach

Published: 2019-09-19
Free Essay on Nurse Manager as a Coach
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Julie, a fresh from college nurse is among my supervisees at a prestigious private hospital in the state, with very appealing credentials but she is unable to meet the desired levels at the hospital. From studying her behaviour and actions, I have been able to come up with the following issues that bar her from meeting the expected standards.

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This study aims to stipulate precisely the reasons why Julie is lagging behind even though she may have all the requirements to achieve her set goals. These factors include poor decision making, poor resolution of conflicts with her colleagues, poor chain of command and poor setting of targets.

Key Problems

Poor Decision-Making

Julie is in need when it comes to the decisions she makes due to her inability to sufficiently carry out the right choices without having to consult, hence, endangering the lives of the patients mostly in instances of emergencies.

Inefficient Communication Skills

Julie has a problem when it comes to the passing of information to the right personnel since she does not have the desired hierarchy for passing of information.

Poor Conflict Resolution Culture at the Work Place

In cases where conflicts ensue, Julie has resulted to arguments and at times even fights rather than seeking a peaceful resolution. This attribute is against the hospitals vision of providing a conducive and patient-friendly environment and reciprocated in the loss of teamwork between her and her fellow nurses (Leebov, 2012).

Ineffective Goal Setting

Julie has the problem setting achievable goals. Moreover, she is unable to have a workable vision and mission sufficiently for achieving some set procedures. Consequently, she is unable to meet the hospitals goal of always moving in a forward direction.

Possible Alternative Solutions (Carey and Cummings, 2011),

For Julie to ultimately adapt into the system, I have to take into consideration the following solutions:

Encourage Julie to embrace a nature of proper personal decision making.

Help her to set achievable goals

Instil a culture of peaceful resolution of conflicts in her

Clearly educate her on the hierarchy and mode of passing information.

Proposed Solutions (Dessier, 2015)

From the solutions on the table, for the proper tackling of Julies needs, I have proposed the following solutions that I best for tackling the challenges facing Julie;

Hold regular meetings with her that will train her to on how to make relevant decisions and to educate her on whom to approach whenever she needs clarification.

Boost her morale by structuring her criticism in a friendly manner and by rewarding her for a job well done.

Have Julie and her fellow workmates always work in groups and set goals that they will achieve together.

Have Julie set her personal goal instead of measuring her abilities with that of her workmates

Recommendations (Dessier, 2015)

Organize a seminar that will be able to steer her in the right direction regarding her career and instil the required skills into her.

Set goals for the whole staff, Julie included and ensure they work together to meet the set goals.


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