Data Analysis Paper Example

Published: 2022-03-01
Data Analysis Paper Example
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Answer to Section 1

Data analysis is divided into two sections, namely descriptive statistics and inferential statistics. The descriptive statistic is the basement of the study. The manner in which the questions are phrased can lead to the misrepresentation of the data. The appropriate the issues are the more appropriate the data will be represented (Fox 2015).

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The correlation of the different variables in the analysis can also lead to the misrepresentation of the data. The variables that are correlated should ensure that they derive the appropriate information from the data collected (Fox 2015).

The data analysis fishing method from the massive volumes may lead to the to misrepresentation data. Appropriateness of the data mining will however, produce the representation (Fox 2015).

Data visualization is a significant cause of misrepresentation of data. The data can be insightful graphs and charts including essential characteristics like the scale, zero points and the methods of calculation (Fox 2015).

Purposeful bases are the most common example for misappropriation of statistics and misrepresentative data. The deliberate endeavor to influence data outcome without even having proficient knowledge of the interpretation and representation (Desaro 2013).

Answer to Section 2

The characteristics of the population to use the mean is when it is customarily distributed which implies that it is a representation of the whole community is well represented. The mean divides the data into two sections of the upper and the lower divisions. The outliers can be depicted in the model of the population (Neuman 2014).

The median of the population is usually used to indicate that it is appropriate for use. These values give the central of tendency. The intervals of the population when they are skewed shows that the characteristics of the population are safe to use in characterizing the population. The standard deviation of the sample when it is equal to the sample is similar to it. This indicates that these depict the population. The interval ratio is not skewed shows that the data collected is not normally distributed (Ethridge, 2014).

The mean, median and mode would be inappropriate if the characteristics of the population are not normally distributed, if the scale of the data is not ordinal, the information is not skewed, and the interval ratio is skewed. The sample deviation differs with the population deviation (Ethridge, 2014).


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