Education Essay Sample: Non-linear Learning Module

Published: 2019-06-03
Education Essay Sample: Non-linear Learning Module
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Non-linear learning model accomodates learners of different abilities by providing them with personalised experience. This style provides learners with just initial knowledge base and learning styles. This kind of a model transfers the responsibility of mastering the subjects to the learner in contrast with the linear learning model where learners are expected to follow a rigid path that is set by the instructor. In the non linear learning module the instructor just gives a little guidance to the learner and then the learner has the mandate to master the subjects through self determined rate and path thus known as a learner-centered pedagogy (Sugar Chmiel, 2011). This kind of a model can be easily effective in the education sector for example cosmetology. The diagram below showcases one of the simplest non-linear learning model with an entry point as cosmetology.

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From the view, cosmetology has different independent units that constitute it. These units include pedicure/manicure, hairstlying, electrology and skincare. When one is undergoing a course in hairstying, he/she can easily go to the subtopics like length and trimming if the individual inquires to know more about maintaining or creating a specific form and shape of hair. Other subtopics in hairstyling may include brushing and combing, drying, braiding and updos , curling and straightening among many others. For a person interested in skincare which involves a range of practices that support skin integrity for example appropriate use of emollients, nutrition among other pratices can easily navigate to these subtopics without following any exact order. For any one interested in cosmetics which enhance the odor and appearance of human body can easily manouver in its subtopics such as primer, lipsticks, concealer, foundation, mascara among many others with a lot of ease at ones own time (, 2015).

An individual interested in electrology which involves permanent removal of human hair through electrical epilation can also easily go to its subtopics like thermolysis, blend and galvanic modalities without follwing certain steps. The same applies to manicure and pedicure for learners interested in either of them. This method also involves external links where an individual can easily manouver to other links other than cosmetology. Thus this method can be more effective since the learners have the ability to learn whatever they want with a lot of ease at their own pace and time.


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