Essay Sample: No Silver Bullet Article Summary

Published: 2022-11-08
Essay Sample: No Silver Bullet Article Summary
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In this article, I have learned that indeed it is difficult to find a long lasting solution (No silver bullet) when coming up with software. Since software development involves crucial tasks, the shaping of the intricate conceptual structures that constitute the abstract units, and fortuitous tasks, the illustration of this abstract units in programming languages and the plotting of these onto machine language in space and speed constraints.

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In the article also, I noted that there exist some challenges within the properties of a new software system. These challenges include:

  • Complexity- Software units are complex especially their size unlike another human construct, this is because no two parts are similar.
  • Invisibility- Software is unvisualizable and invisible hence no geometric representation, this can bring the issue of omission.
  • Conformity- The issue of conformity arises due to the complexity, and due to this it cannot be streamlined out by any reform of software alone.
  • Changeability. For software to be successful, it needs to be changed, but it always forces changes since software product is bounded in the cultural matrix of application.

What I got interested in the article is that despite the existence of such software challenges, there has been a past advance in solving accidental difficulties with the use of software technology that includes:

  • High-level language- High-level language is powerful in software Simplicity, productivity, and reliability since it allows a program from much of its fortuitous complexity.
  • Time-sharing- Time-sharing expands the productivity of programmers and features of their product since it reserve immediacy, hence helping High-level languages- Use of high- a level language for programming has been powerful in software us to maintain a summary of complexity.
  • Unified programming environment- it helps attack accidental difficulties since it provides pile and filters, unified file format and integrated libraries.

Furthermore, there are hopes after coming up with technical development that is advanced that include Ada and other high-level languages advances, object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, graphics programming, expert system, workstation, automatic programming, and program verification. For instance program verification ensure that the program meets its specification.

In conclusion, it is promising for software system if refinement is done and rapid prototyping instead of building, also regarding incremental software development we need to grow it instead of building, and finally, for the software art centers, we need to look for great designers.

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