Final Exam Self Analysis. Education Essay Sample.

Published: 2019-05-16
Final Exam Self Analysis. Education Essay Sample.
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The course has been very educating. I have learned a lot, such as creation of podcasts, writing blogs, and writing a critically analyzed essay. Before the class, I was not aware how to go about of many of these activities, but through the class, I am now able to create them. It is an overwhelming feeling that I have completed the course successfully. I wished the time I used taking the course would have been extended, primarily because the class was simply fantastic. I always love the internet, and taking an online course made me have a fantastic opportunity of bettering my skills.

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Previously, most of my internet experience was focused on social media, but finding another dimension of capitalizing on it made me deduce that the internet is the most advantageous invention of the 21st century. Many people get to learn from it. I am not the exception. However, I must point the fact that it was difficult adopting to the use of the internet for learning purposes. It was overwhelming, because I am used to using it primarily for social media, such as Twitter and Facebook. It was not easy to transform from these two paradigms, from using it as a social media platform to a school-oriented platform. For example, while taking the course, at first, I would find myself switching from the schools website to these social media webpages, thus my schedule was sometimes haphazard. Ideally, I had this problem of time mismanagement.

However, over time, I became a better time manager. I had to set priorities right. For example, when doing school work, I made a decision not to divert my concentration to social media. Therefore, I became more self-aware of how I previously wasted my time. Therefore, something had to be changed in order to complete the course effectively. I believe, if it was not for my decision, I probably would not have completed the course effectively. As such, the instructors guidance, as well as his follow-ups, and making sure that everyone knew about the course objectives, I was able to effectively and efficiently deal with time mismanagement.

Another dimension that can be drawn from the course is that we never met face to face. This helps me a lot, as through direct engagement with other students, as well as the instructor, I get to learn more. Ideally, I always like meeting face to face, especially when it comes to learning. Ideally, I do not like online learning, but because of time constraints, I had to take the course. One of the reasons why I have effectively completed the course is the instructors strong guidance. Even though I never met my classmates face to face, the course provided an opportunity to make new friends, and together, we worked towards a common goal, which is bettering our skills. For this reason, as a group, we have helped and augmented each other so that everyone has benefited from the online experience. The instructor has always been there for us and has helped us thoroughly complete the course effectively.

I have also gained a lot of experience when it comes to conducting an extensive research, and thus, I have made a step towards becoming a proficient and experienced literary writer. I can now apply my critical analysis on aspects of life through conducting an academically relevant research. Ideally, it is worth mentioning that relating to the Maxine Hong Kingston was not as easy as I first though, I had to work hard to understand and comprehend the person. After putting a lot of effort, more than I anticipated, I was able to understand the person, and in turn, was able to develop an essay in relation to him. Having accomplished the essay, I could now develop essay that had strong these, something I was not good at before the course. For this reason, I have capitalized the course for the betterment of writing skills.

In addition, before, I did not know about formatting, however, as the course progressed, I became fully aware of what is required in writing an MLA-formatted paper. Consequently, this was integrated into the academic paper we wrote. Ideally, I was able to tie research and referencing, thus increasing the credibility of my written papers. I have learned how to paraphrase documents, and effectively cite them. Additionally, I have acquired a lot of prewriting skills and strategies, which include clustering, outlining, as well as freewriting. For this reason, I have bettered my writing skills, which is something I feel would be helpful in future classes.

The instructor fully guided not only me, but all the students in the class towards meeting the course objectives. I am truly thankful for supporting me in the entire course. Through his help, I have learned a lot. For example, creating podcasts was something I had not done, but through his guidance, I was able to create a podcast, which was a milestone towards bettering my skills. Also, I have learned to interact with people via the internet so that we can together complete school-related milestones. Before, I never used the internet for learning purposes, but mainly for social media. As such, it was an opportunity to capitalize on it and find something more advantageous to my school experience.

Lastly, besides time mismanagement, another constraint I came across while undertaking the course was following the instructors directions and guidelines, as well as comprehending the assignments. I must point out that this was the first time to take an online course. However, I put an effort to understand them. I tried my best. However, the overall experience was a fantastic one. I got to learn many things. I am confident that any challenges experienced in this course will not be duplicated in future ones.

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