News Analysis Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-26
News Analysis Essay Example
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The United States of America Sanctions Iran by New York Times

According to Cortright (pg 92), when a country is operated by its leaders in a manner that is not standard and acceptable internationally, it faces a high risk of being abandoned by the other countries in terms of financial support, military protection and trade relations. Depending on the kind of ruling that a country applies through its leaders, the abandonment can either be political, socially or economically. In better terms, the abandonment of other superpower countries from small countries due to either improper ruling and government is referred to as sanction. The most recent instance is when the United States sanctioned Iran where the American government through the president Trump made it clear that the country will no longer be supported either economically or politically by the US. This study looks at an article by the New York Times in order to obtain more information about the sanctioning

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The main cause of sanctioning, according to the US president through his government is that Iran's government is engaged in developing nuclear weapons that can be dangerous to other international countries. Iran is also said to be supporting Syria in the development of harmful weapons that can be of a negative impact on the rest of the international countries. The US government, in order to prevent and fight this, has sanctioned the country economically and looks forward to sabotaging its economy by cutting down its source of capital which is the oil export.

The act os sanctioning will indeed affect Iran economically and politically since it will lose its biggest oil market which was China and US. Losing the market means that the country will be economically affected. Politically, the country will lose its military support from the US government thus vulnerable to attacks from enemy countries like Iraq. The article does not appear to be biased on either side (the US government or Iran) since it has clearly reported the exact issues that are on the ground and have been on the news and reported before.


Cortright, David. Economic sanctions: panacea or peacebuilding in a post-cold war world?. Routledge, 2018.

The killing of Jamal Khashoggi by The Economist

Today, journalism as a career faces various challenges like the personal security of journalists who report and expose the sensitive issues of their country or another country. In the previous years, it has been reported that journalists have been killed following a certain critic they made or exposure which makes the name of a state, organization or a powerful individual look dirty (Harcup & O'Neill, pg 123). A number of journalist and media activists have been reported dead, killed or kidnapped following the kind of reports they made against a government or powerful individuals in the government. This study analyses the most recent killing of one, Jamal Khashoggi according to a report by The Economist

Jamal was one of the most prominent journalists known from Turkey who mostly covered and criticized the powers given to the crowns belonging to the Islamic petro-state's leaders. He used to criticize how overpowered the leaders in these countries were. Jamal, when in Saudi Arabia was last seen at the Turkish embassy where he disappeared from and later reported to be dead. At first, the country was reluctant to take responsibility until the US government threatened to sanction it if the killers of the journalist are not found. A few days later eighteen suspects were arrested in relation to the killing

According to The Economist, it is clear that this killing will indeed affect the relationship between Saudi Arabia and Turkey in terms of social relations and diplomacy since according to some of the audios and more evidence, it was clear to the Turkish government that the journalist was murdered following the critics he made in relation to the crown. The article lays a clear explanation as per the building of the entire story without being bias toward either turkey or Saudi Arabia or the Jamal.


Harcup, Tony, and Deirdre O'Neill. "What is news? News values revisited (again)." Journalism Studies 18.12 (2017): 1470-1488.

Andrew Gillum concedes defeat by New York Times

In America, there are two parties, Republicans and Democrats that determine the political supremacy and alignment of the citizens towards the country's state governance. There is stiff competition between the two political parties in America where each party tries to prove its relevancy and activeness through elections and expression of political ideas and suggestions. Recently there was an election for a new governor in Florida where the major contestants were from the two parties, Andrew Gillum, a Democrat, and Ron DeSantis, a Republican. In reference to an article by The New York Times, this study analyses the elections.

Elections were conducted, and the results as per the most current report revealed that Ron DeSantis, the Republican was leading by 49.9% followed closely by Andrew Gillum, the Democrat by 4 8.9% of the total votes cast. A clear message is indeed conveyed from these results. The Republicans, even though won the elections, they should have at least beat the Democrats by a bigger margin than just a 1% win. It is clear that they are facing stiff competition from the Democrats and in the next polls there might be higher chances that Democrats can beat them in terms of voter's support. The win might be as a result of the states' support since the Republicans are the ruling party. It is just to conclude that from this results, the Republicans have won through lack. Andrew Gillum's early concede is also clear that even though lost he is assured that his dreams of becoming the governor are still alive and that there are higher chances for him winning in the next elections.

Patricia Mazzei and Frances Robles while reporting for The New York Times on this issue, they expressed an equal magnitude towards each party; Democrats and Republicans and thus did not come out as bias towards a certain political party.


Talks on Brexit by BBC

Brexit, a common term to most individuals worldwide today, was formed as a result of a country trying to exit from a financial market association, the European Union. The term is a combination of two words Britain and exit forming Brexit meaning that Britain is exiting the European Union. The term was adopted from Grexit which was formed from two words Greek and exit when Greece was as well exiting the union.

Giving out various reasons for the exit including the individuals voting in support of the exit whereby on the 23rd of June 2016 51.9% of the total voters supported the exit against the 48.1%. The percentages were representing a total of 30 million people who voted. The highest voters in support of the Brexit was England and Wales while Scotland and Northern Ireland were not in support of the exit.

According to Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty giving the two sides two years whereby they come into terms on the factors to consider before the split. As stated before, there are various steps to be followed to leave or join the European Union (Eeckhout & Frantziou, pg 72). The entire period can as well be extended if voted and all the twenty-eight members agree on the same. As per the present updates, British has high chances of leaving the European Union as the two-year process is almost done since it is at a 70% completion level. The main issue currently is the border lines, the depts and other factors like citizens migration and trading with the other members after the exit. The exit process is slow as it might involve decisions that might impact the country and its citizens both negatively and positively. Many considerations are thus taken to ensure that the impact is not intense on the citizens and their business practices.


Eeckhout, Piet, and Eleni Frantziou. "Brexit and Article 50 TEU: a constitutionalist reading." Common Market Law Review 54.3 (2017): 695-733.

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