Essay Sample for You: The Basis for Ethical Conduct

Published: 2018-11-15
Essay Sample for You: The Basis for Ethical Conduct
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Normative ethics

Bozeman is the current head of Sinko Corp, and of late he has been under a lot of pressure to employ his brother-in-law, Chauncey; this is especially because the company belongs to the Dolores' family i.e. his wife's family. The challenge here is that Bozeman's brother in law is an incompetent worker that has no work ethics at all; what's more, the kind of salary that he is looking to be paid is hefty with consideration to the fact that Sinko Corp will not get value for the money. Having Bozeman on board will also jeopardize the decision-making the process of the management since he will demand to be heard in every meeting. It is worth mentioning that in the event Bozeman completely refuses to hire Chauncey, the chances of being outvoted at the board level are very high; his own wife may vote against him. This paper is going to give insights with respect to how the situation at Sinko Corp resonates with normative ethics.

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Normative ethics refers to a discipline that concerns itself with the study of ethical action. It is the branch of philosophical ethics that conducts an investigation of the moral and ethical questions that come about when making considerations regarding how people ought to act, morally speaking. Myriad traditional moral schools of thought are founded on standards that find out if an act is right or wrong (Frankena, 1983, 35). On the other hand, normative connotes relating to an ideal model or standard or being founded upon what is deemed to be the appropriate manner of doing a particular thing.

Ethics and Ethical Analysis

Bozeman is at a crossroads with the situation that he is facing. He is well aware of Chauncey's incompetence, but a failure to hire him would spur a lot of bad politics from his family members; ultimately he could even lose his position. Normative social constructs advocate for zero nepotism at any place of work because it is detrimental to productivity, growth, and development. For instance with Sinko Corp, hiring Chauncey would mean that the company would be directing a hefty salary to an individual that is not delivering as he ought as relating to efficiency and production. Bozeman is very sorry to admit that his brother in law would be a free rider and a liability to Sinko Corp. What Bozeman could do is have a serious talk with his wife and narrate to her the truth of the matter. The wife would then have to explain Bozeman's ideas to the mother in law; this way an alternative solution would be found. All the same, if the Dolores' family, in its entirety, remains adamant; Bozeman should either resign from the company or move with the flow and accept to employ his brother-in-law ("Ethics and Ethical Analysis", 2017).

Normative ethics advocates for the upholding of virtues and the maintenance of human relationships. In addition to that, normative ethics puts an emphasis on the moral agent as opposed to other ethical schools of thought (Frankena, 1983, 83). On the flip side, normative ethics as a theory has been criticized because it is focused on the individual such as Bozeman in this case; it does not try to resolve or completely solve big moral challenges. Additionally, the theory ignores the relativist dilemma, that is, it fails to realize that what is regarded as virtuous in the United States may not be accepted in Spain.


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