New Product for Zee Detergents, Business Essay Sample

Published: 2019-10-16
New Product for Zee Detergents, Business Essay Sample
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As sales of our previous detergent products have stagnated, I believe something has to be done to boost the sales volume and revenues of our products. In this regard, the recent launch of our new line of product, Zero Detergent, should receive massive promotional campaign so as to make our existing customers aware of the product as well as to attract new potential customers. This campaign brief highlights how this objective can be done by utilizing the available set of funds that have been allocated by the management. The general idea is to persuade the public to buy this new detergent and develop brand loyalty to it.

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Our primary target is anyone who has laundry to wash and expects the best performance at the minimal effort. This product is suitable for all households, regardless of the racial background. It is also pocket-friendly, and any household can buy it without feeling much pinch financially.

Zero detergent uses the latest detergent technology that ensures that greases and stains are easily removed without too much effort on the part of the consumer. Its unique and long lasting fragrance leave your laundry smelling fresh and nice all day long, not to mention that it is environmentally friendly. Here are some other reasons why our new product needs to be heavily promoted:

It is the ultimate germ killer and stain remover. Zero Detergent uses the latest scientific processes and technology to fight germs and remove stubborn stains, dirt, and grease. It is also eco-friendly as its components naturally blend and decompose when disposed into the environment. It is also the best deal one can ever find in the market, having its costs reduced to the lowest possible price of just $1.5. It also comes in different sizes to suit your household needs.

Simulation process

The best strategy, from the simulation process, is to choose the best combination of key words to attract the maximum number of people searching for the product. I believe buyers will be interested to buy our new product owing to the unique design of our product, the affordable and friendly price quotes as well as its unique packaging. In so doing, buyers will be motivated to dig into their pockets and buy the product. To increase the number of people searching for the product online, it is imperative to use the right combination of key words. Search engines will direct these potential customers into looking at the product and explore on its features once their interest has been piqued. Different keywords yield a different number of views as well as the expected competition levels and the associated price ranges.

The use of the right email address for the product will also direct traffic into finding more about the product. Using an email address for the product that is closely related to a product that has the most online searches will also increase the flow of traffic for our new product. Certain email addresses, however, attracts high competition, and it is, therefore, important that appropriate pricing should be adopted when an address is used that closely relates to the most searched product. Use of different email addresses for the product yields a different number of views as well as the level of expected competition.

To reach the widest number of people, it is best to use key word combinations that will direct the most traffic to the new product. Different key word combinations will yield different results in terms of competition, the number of views as well as the price per click. High traffic will be expected when the keywords used closely resemble the most searched product in search engines. It is, however, prudent to use keywords that do not attract stiff competition especially when the pricing strategy is to go low. High competition might imply that the products are highly priced which might not work best for our new product since it is just being launched and needs to win the trust of the target market. Different keyword combinations yield a different number of views and thus a different number of sales and profit margins.

Similarly, as witnessed from the email address advertising campaign, use of email address for the product that is similar to the product in the market that has the most searches will attract a significant number of potential customers looking for the product. The different competition levels, the different number of views and prices need to be balanced so as to attain the most optimal price. It is best to use an email address that will reach the most number of potential buyers for the product, but at the same time not attract stiff competition. Low levels of competition imply that the product will be lowly priced, which will be in tandem with the pricing strategy for a new product. The numbers of customers using the email address inquiring for information regarding the product will be used as a yardstick to determine the most appropriate email address to be used.

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