Essay Sample on New Global Competitor: Jetliner Production Begins In China

Published: 2023-05-21
Essay Sample on New Global Competitor: Jetliner Production Begins In China
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The manufacturing of commercial jetliners has been increasing, having around four million companies across the globe. The expansion of airports has been happening in remote areas to meet the expectations of the customers (Berman, 2015). Chinese clients are connected with online research, where they share their experiences. However, the production of advanced Jetliners is difficult because there is low demand. Hence, Commercial Aircraft Corporations need to select the route which is used by Airbus and Boeing as well as partner with prominent suppliers who produces plane across the globe. Also, the contractors who should offer components are situated in America that are in Australia, Ireland, England, and France. However, the United States has not done well in manufacturing jets, although it has more advanced technology than China.

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The main problem facing China in manufacturing Jets is technology because the country is using the old versions and the last generations. Following this issue, the Chinese company spent around seven years designing the aircraft, which contained almost 174 passengers. The C919 in Chinese is facing stiff competition for the last five years because it is becoming slow.

The technical problems have led to the restrictions of these test flights. In most aerospace programs, delays have been occurring in the jet market resulting in Chinese embarrassment as well as the entire world (Huang, 2017). Another issue associated with Jetliner manufacturing is the time pressure, which results in the mathematical error where several engineers in COMAC failed to calculate appropriate forces within the plane engines in the flight. They offered inaccurate data to the producer which is the international CFM. It means that the producer in national aerospace had inadequate experience in building and designing commercial aircraft. The Air travel agencies lack the expertise to meet the requirements of the FAA in the government entities and the United States that is to enable them to understand how to relate with the system.

Moreover, operating expenses like fuel are the problems affecting the industry due to a decrease in sales of commercial jets across the globe. People prefer a competing brand, which is cost-friendly. Other aircraft producers in the Chinese were rejected since the plane was inefficient and bulky.

Alternative Course of Action

The C919 is gaining popularity since it has around 28 clients and 815 orders in China, as well as the whole world undermining the sales of Boeing. For example, COMAC had argued that it would manufacture aircraft for certification and testing efforts since it performs to attain aviation Airport international. Following the growing population in China, people are willing to travel where they prefer flights rather than the railway involved in league with Boeing, and Airbus has proved the record for safety and reliability. According to the analysts, COMAC will face competition from giants corporations regarding after-sale services for maintenance and repairs. The main course of action linked with Jetliner production is through incorporating governmental regulations. Since the government is in control of commercial aircraft corporations in China, it should find more markets for most thriving industries, especially the jetliner. I believe imposing regulations will help in the success of COMAC and products transported through air travel and network agencies. The government should introduce a policy that offers aid to the manufacturing industry and motivate foreigners to buy jets via loans and diplomatic persuasions.

Besides, the alternative course of action is to improve the technology. The jet manufacturing industry needs to emulate advanced technology to ensure that modern aircraft are produced, which meet the needs of the customers (Levine, 2015). The technology ranges from introducing various applications that facilitate effective communication. For instance, WeChat, social networking needs to be improved to help the jet manufacturing companies grow through advertising the brand. WeChat will allow the users to access the company websites aiding interactions among the customers through private conservation or discussions?

Thirdly, the alternative course of action is to introduce the jet fuel partnership with various aspects to address the commercial deployment and development of SAF (sustainable alternative fuel) for aviation (Cheung, 2017). The policy will ensure that there is alternative fuel suppliers and producers, and proper financiers, logistics as well as business facilitators in the SAF field. So, the strategic partners need to participate in the working members for alternative jet fuel to address these concerns. There must be regular discussions and feedback with the experts who are engaged in projects through sharing the experience.


Following the Jetliner production, various recommendations are derived. For example, the jet company should introduce another alternative for fuel to attract more consumers compared to other competing industries. Thus, the jetliner manufacturer should either lower the price of the flights to attract more clients. Also, the company needs to improve the technology because the manufacturers rely on last-generation or sophisticated techniques. There must be social networking, which allows customers to share information with the company to ensure quick feedback. Lastly, the Jetliner Company needs to employ competent personnel who could provide accurate data or information regarding the industry. Initially, several engineers in COMAC failed to calculate appropriate forces within the plane engines in the flight. So, competent employees will be providing accurate data to the company, thus improving the sales of the company.


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