Navigating Workplace Dynamics: Insights from an Interview with a Successful Manager - Report Example

Published: 2024-01-08
Navigating Workplace Dynamics: Insights from an Interview with a Successful Manager - Report Example
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Management involves rewards and incentives, and managers are better situated to influence and lead change in an organization. In most companies, being a boss means a better compensation package. Most significantly, managers are satisfied when they assist an individual or a group to achieve their objectives and perform at their best. However, managers deal with challenging issues that cost them much of their time. The person I interviewed was John Marcus, the manager of a Small company named Universal Talents. The organization has a formal setting that strives for constant variety. I choose John as a manager because I highly value and appreciate his efforts to ensure productivity. He has had a positive reputation, and most of the individuals who work with or for him have had a great perspective on him. Thus, I think he is the best individual to interview as a manager since he serves me as an example in the business industry.

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I explained to him that I am taking a course in organizational behavior to study concepts such as motivation, job satisfaction, engagement, conflict, decision-making, and leadership. Organizational behavior has been used by human relations experts and executives to better understand a business's culture and assist or hinder productivity and personnel retention (Robbins 6). Besides, it is essential to evaluate the skills and personality of a candidate during the hiring process. Understanding a candidate's personality helps determine how fit they are for the organization (Robbins 7). Leadership can be intrinsic in an individual's personality or can result from a position of authority. Politics, authority, and power are interdependent in a work setting. One must understand the appropriate means of exhibiting and using such elements, as agreed upon by workplace regulations and moral guidelines, to run a cohesive business essentially. Since I intended to record the answers, I asked John to provide written permission and asked for his consent before the interview to take photos as we agreed on the date, venue, and time. I chose to interview the interviewer's room at John's workplace. I ensured that I took notes even when recording the interview since it would help highlight significant points during the discussion. I also listened to the recording to recall the content of John's issues, which was essential in helping me avoid misinterpreting his opinions. The interview questions and answers were as follows:

What is your function as a manager?

I am in charge of putting teams together for a particular task. Each individual has a team, but there are projects where people from various groups have to work together. The teams have mentors who make decisions on how projects are delivered.

What are you passionate about in your job?

I am passionate about the organization's attitudes towards inclusion and diversity and its commitment to personnel and respect for each individual.

How do you go concerning making decisions for the company?

It is important to stay open to others' opinions when working on different tasks but ultimately, we create an excellent critic to make the right decisions and find a balance. Some contributions may not be helpful, and we need to be able to identify such concerns. Although we are open to feedback, we always remain true to what we trust is best after analyzing all the needed aspects.

How do you eventually make decisions? What are the things to consider?

I believe listening to feedback is an essential means of acquiring information that enables an individual to make informed and sound decisions, but being open to hearing other people's opinions does not imply that individuals should disregard their criticism. Individuals have their biases, and appropriate feedback may not be found if people do not work together to balance and stay true to what they trust is best.

How do you communicate a tough decision?

When you respect and value others, communicating a tough decision will not be a challenge since you consider their emotions; thus, explaining the decision is vital for communicating the decision.

What is your communication style? Some individuals are more direct than others, especially when having to communicate a tough decision or task. How do you communicate and consider nonverbal cues?

Most individuals are afraid of being direct, which does not mean one has to be brute, but speaking precisely concerning an issue that needs to be discussed minimizes misunderstanding and confusion. I usually start by informing the individual concerning the matter, explaining my perspective, and revealing what should be done, perhaps a solution. Besides, I always uphold respect and use words that will not hurt them, but enable them to think critically. I believe being open to their feedback is a significant consideration. Maintaining a neutral tone is essential to ensure that individuals do not feel like you are irritating. I ordinarily set a meeting date and time to discuss the matter unless it needs immediate attention.

What is the most significant people-related challenge you are facing at work?

As a manager, I always want my personnel to collaborate and work as a team. However, most of the time, employees come to me with complaints concerning another worker and put me in an awkward position to arbitrate the dispute. I must be able to distinguish between personal differences when alerted to a situation among team members. Team members frequently possess incompatible objectives and external and internal demands may be mismatched. Differences in people's values, differing communication, and work styles result in conflicts. A team member may avoid others due to their arrogant and intimidating manner.

What impact is the challenge having?

The problem has sometimes resulted in confusion and tension concerning team roles. It has also increased personnel anxiety, damaged associations, and decreased job satisfaction (McKibben 101). As a result, the conflict has negatively affected individuals and team performance, leading to a decrease in the team's productivity. The team tensions have resulted in complaints by the individuals who have interacted with the team.

What have you tried to resolve the challenge?

I have already tried to resolve the issue by maintaining positive communication with personnel to allow for room for improvement. I always ensure that I am clear direct and careful with my choice of words, enabling personnel to uphold their respect and become willing to comprehend the conflict from multiple perspectives. Besides, I provide information on the concern and allow the employees to communicate to avoid feeling pressured and looked down on. Additionally, I maintain a neutral tone by putting my emotions aside to engage in a rational conversation, enabling me to assess solutions appropriately and effectively. The strategy makes it easy for me to support empathy and respect.

I recommend that in cases where conflicts are personal, John should conduct a fair and frank discussion with the involved parties and specify that behavior adjustment is expected instantly. Besides, when the conflict persists, the individuals can be removed from the team. Team member conflicts can be avoided with the members employing a profile that describes the necessity for collaboration and teamwork. Additionally, John should be aware of favoring star performers, who can frequently tick off their co-workers. He should identify and reinforce team values as the best preventive measure for team conflict. If a conflict emerges, it should be dealt with quickly, fairly, and firmly.

The interview gives me a different perspective concerning individual behaviors at work. I learned that it is essential to value others as I would do for myself since it attracts positivity, critical to the business domain. Although one might feel superior due to their experience and knowledge as managers, they should be willing to provide feedback, which is essential in solving conflicts in the business domain. Feedback allows individuals to think critically and become conscious of their understanding concerning success. To be a great manager, one must be open, respectful, emphatic, and mindful.

The rationale behind my recommendations is that personal conflict among team members is toxic and hinders success. Disputes to the team party must be avoided by all means, and individuals should maintain a healthy balance of constructive differences of opinion. Conflicts should be resolved as soon as they happen, and personnel needs to keep beneficial associations. Positive team behavior turns out to be an accepted practice, and team members become more active working as a group than as individuals (McKibben 103). Positively addressing conflicts reduces existing antagonism and boosts the team’s morale. It also builds trust, honesty, inclusiveness, and consensus among team members.

I assured John that neither he nor the company’s name would appear in the paper. Although I will share the general concerns and recommendations in an online discussion, I promise that no one will determine their name and organization. Thus, I made up a name and a company.

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