Free Essay. COVID-19 Response Strategies by Coca-Cola Company Limited

Published: 2023-07-30
Free Essay. COVID-19 Response Strategies by Coca-Cola Company Limited
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The year 2020 has been a nightmare for many people, as well as businesses. An infectious disease, COVID-19, has spread throughout the world like a bushfire in a windy summer. Businesses have closed down, and others for good (Fernandes, 2020). Most of the activities that are still surviving have made tremendous losses, which, if no measures are taken against them, could lead to companies running into bankruptcy. Multinational companies that heavily depend on the supply chain to operate have closed down due to the cessation of movement and closure of boundaries. One such company is Coca-Cola Company Limited (Fernandes, 2020). Most companies are always prepared to deal with crises. Unfortunately, COVID-19 came as a surprise for many. Nobody expected such kind of a crisis (Fernandes, 2020). Coca-Cola Company Limited, among other organizations all over the world, are coming together to develop ways of overcoming the impacts of the pandemic, as well as limiting the disruptions of the supply chains and economies (Fernandes, 2020). This paper presents some of the recommendations for Coca-Cola Company should implement as a way of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

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Response Strategies

At the point when emergencies previously hit, organizations need to respond to prompt difficulties and dangers (Koonin, 2020). By then, it is significant not to dismiss making the best decision. Organizations must stay consistent with their vision, be sympathetic to partners, settle on brisk choices, and change those choices, if vital, much of the time and straightforwardly based on new data to adjust rapidly (Prem et al., 2020).

The activities Coca-Cola represents this rule well overall. Coca-Cola should lay off non-essential workers as a quick and direct reaction to a decrease in their production plan because of the decay of interest and fringe terminations for non-residents. As of late, governments have imparted the details of a compensation appropriation bundle. Directly after, Air Canada declared it was quickly rehiring the vast majority of its kin dependent on the 75 percent wage sponsorships guaranteed by the administration (Fernandes, 2020).

Coca-Cola Company Limited, at first, should lay off several workers when businesses go down because of the coronavirus pandemic. They can be recruited back if governments would consider bailing out the companies affected by the pandemic (Koonin, 2020). In disturbance, operational difficulties need arrangements, finance the board, and liquidity should be balanced for the adjustments sought after, and correspondences and authority must be ventured into the computerized space (Prem et al., 2020).

Given that Coca-Cola Company Limited has not been online previously, they should be present. In a quickly evolving commercial center, forcefully driving new measures into the market may support the company. Numerous business issues coming about because of interruption because of overall endeavors to contain the spread of COVID-19 will require convenient solutions and arrangements, and Coca-Cola should not be left out (Wang et al., 2020).

Reassessing long-term plans

Next, Coca-Cola Company Limited must reevaluate its arrangements for the year, in addition to a more extended term premise. The activity may uncover significant bits of knowledge. Flexibility is essential in an emergency (Wang et al., 2020). Be that as it may, merely ricocheting once again from such a considerable overall occasion isn't sufficient. We will probably observe permanent changes in both the interest and gracefully sides (Wang et al., 2020).

Presently, Coca-Cola Company Limited should produce hand sanitizers throughout its bottling plants and distribute it to the neighborhoods. Producing hand sanitizers is a decent second for organizations to evaluate their capacities and how they can be utilized to address quick issues or can be utilized, updated, or supplemented with innovations or accomplices (Lee et al., 2020).

Over the long haul, finding and seeking new open doors will drive change. Coca-Cola may now serve new, various clients. They may need to escape their customary ranges of familiarity and learn new abilities (Prem et al., 2020). Additionally, in an online world, information techniques, and examination matter. Composing skills are as significant as introduction abilities. Cybersecurity turns into a vital concern. Whatever the progressions required, change will turn into the new normal.

Reconfiguring and Reinventing

It's essential that organizations consistently move the correct way as the pandemic shutdowns continue (Koonin, 2020). Organizations that have change instilled in their way of life are probably going to improve on questionable occasions. Changing utilization designs because of the pandemic will make homework out schedules progressively well-known later on (Koonin, 2020).

An emergency like this brings new chances and ought to be a trigger to investigate new headings. An ongoing report shows that continuing advancements created during an emergency regularly yields a positive effect over the long haul rather than associations that cut back financial development plans (Prem et al., 2020).

The government will contribute increasingly over the coming a long time to help alleviate the effect of COVID-19. How they direct this spending, regardless of whether it's planned for reestablishing the old economy or activating business sector changes, will affect a business standpoint too (Lee et al., 2020).

We are likely entering a period in which individuals change utilization designs. Wellness answers for home, home refreshment, social following, information security, new social insurance hardware, and online training arrangements, to give some examples, will be more sought after (Watkins, 2020).

Resilient Leadership

Deloitte, a World Economic Forum Strategic Partner, developed a guide for company CEOs to direct their organizations through the coronavirus emergency effectively. The manual delineates five principal characteristics of flexible authority that his expectations will enable other CEOs to guarantee that the affected organizations recover strongly from the pandemic effects (Gostin & Wiley, 2020).

According to Deloitte CEO, an emergency happens more than three-time allocation: reacting, recouping, and flourishing - and his useful guide enables senior administrators to explore the various seasons they discover their associations in. For instance, concerning putting the mission first, Deloitte distinguished different key moves for pioneers to make dependent on their investigation of the main acts of global organizations in other wellbeing emergencies. Propelling and continuing an emergency war room, supporting ability and methodology, keeping up business coherence and financing, and remaining drew in with clients are among the discoveries.

With the correct methodology, Deloitte accepts the COVID-19 emergency can "become an open door for organizations to make considerably more worth and positive cultural effect than simply skip back to business as usual." Read a more considerable amount of their recommendation here (Gostin & Wiley, 2020). Organizations can react to the emergency of COVID 19 by consolidating their endeavors with different associations via the COVID Action Platform of the Forum. Organizations are welcome to make an application for joining the Platform (Gostin & Wiley, 2020). By having resilient leadership, the company will make proper strategic decisions towards combating the pandemic and resuming operations as soon as possible.

Delivering Essential Services

Coca-Cola Company Limited should deliver essential products across its jurisdictions, with all eyes set on the main objective of overcoming the coronavirus pandemic. The Company should convey automatons to lead ground reviews, structure production halls under the guidance of the government (Smith et al., 2020). The organization, a Strategic Partner of the World Economic Forum, should be built up an automaton course to places affected by the pandemic. The course, which generally observed movement of goods to the town by Lorries, was put on hold due to the spread of the coronavirus. The automated program will help in dropping off packages at specific points where clients can pick them up without necessarily having direct human contact (Ebrahim et al., 2020).

Coca-Cola Company Limited should additionally give clinical supplies to countries where it operates. Clinical supplies that the organization should provide should include KN95 protective masks and dispensable clinical covers, gloves, goggles, and protective clothing to help the battle against COVID-19. The clinical supplies will influence the company's flexibility capacities to source from residential makers in the world, as the world struggles to return to normalcy (Koonin, 2020). By offering essential services, Coca-Cola will create rapport and goodwill among the people. Once the pandemic is over, the people will remember the assistance that was provided by the company. This will ultimately increase the sales of the company, thereby increasing the profitability in the end.

Keeping Cargo Moving

Worldwide coordination organization Agility - a Strategic Partner of the World Economic Forum and an individual from our Pandemic Supply Chain Network - has planned intuitive maps revealing the most recent worldwide transportation and operational standpoint, to help worldwide flexibility chains and keep payload moving during the COVID-19 pandemic (Kupferschmidt & Cohen, 2020).

The organization is delivering significant continuous reports on the effect of the coronavirus on worldwide airship cargo, global sea cargo, and street cargo arrangement limits. Their intuitive information refreshes permit clients to explore over their advanced maps, finding limited accessibility progressively (Smith et al., 2020). The plans recognize air terminal and port requirements over the world, to help with the vehicle of clinical things, and the assembling and capacity of help items and personal protective gear (Ebrahim et al., 2020).

Alongside the maps, Agility gives comprehensive reports on load limit with regard to street, air, and sea travel. For instance, with respect to worldwide sea cargo limit, the organization takes note of the most excellent ebb, and flow effect of COVID-19 is on space and compartment accessibility worldwide.

Readiness says as the infection spreads to more unfortunate nations with a more vulnerable foundation, the requirement for compassionate help will increment. The organization accepts coordination skill is critical to a compelling, compassionate reaction to this worldwide emergency. Continuous extensive updates are accessible here (Ebrahim et al., 2020). Coca-Cola production depends heavily on the transportation of syrup from its syrup manufacturing plant to its bottling plants all over the world. Moving the final products from the bottling plants to the distributors, the logistics of the company should be kept as operational as possible.

Offering Support to Doctors and Facilities

Coca-Cola should be driving a common reaction to the COVID-19 spread. Specialists, nursing homes, and emergency clinics worldwide should be furnished with clinical gear - from face masks to disinfectants, gloves, thermometers, protective goggles, and suits.

Coca-Cola should source the materials from China and any other country manufacturing them, with appropriation all over the world to help the health workers in performing their duties. The organization should additionally utilize its own offices to deliver clinical hardware for regions that have been affected.

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