Free Essay Comprising a Business Management Article Review

Published: 2022-02-14
Free Essay Comprising a Business Management Article Review
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The results of performance reviews are always unpredictable, thus making many people hate it. The article discusses the reasons why people fear feedback and how to overcome such fear when being reviewed. Majority of employees have the notion that feedbacks come with criticism. Bosses on their part make assumptions that the feedbacks will be polite and cover all the expectations of the organization and the success of the persons being reviewed. The fears and assumptions about feedback always manifest themselves in different ways even before the review. However, those who learn to react to reviews can cope with the situation well. Besides fear itself, other factors make one to hate feedbacks. Some of these factors are procrastination, denial, brooding, jealousy, and self-sabotage.

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There are different strategies that one can use to adapt to feedbacks. Adaptation is not always a natural process, especially for managers who face a lot of dynamism in their workplaces. However, there are different techniques that one can use in responding to feedbacks. One should understand their emotions and responses. They should realize that their fear comes from the employer and that they are exhibiting a maladaptive response to the fear. One should be honest and persevere in detective work. They should also get support, reframe the feedback, and break up the task. Reframing the feedback helps one in reconstructing the feedback process to their advantage. This helps one to react to the feedback in a positive light, hence losing the negative emotions. Division of the task of dealing with feedback into manageable and measurable chunks enables one to deal with the situation with ease. The article concludes that when these strategies are applied, one can efficiently respond positively to reviews.

A Review of the Article Fear of Feedback

Majority of employees fear feedbacks. It is a common belief that feedbacks are always accompanied by criticisms. This belief makes one develop fear and other funny characters when dealing with reviews. However, the fear in employees in connection to feedbacks has also been contributed by managers who assume that the feedback would be polite and explicitly express the performance and expectations of the employees. This assumption is always wrong since people receive the reviews differently. The article analyses some of the causes of fear of feedbacks among people and the practical strategies that they can adopt when dealing with them.

Fear itself is one of the factors highlighted in the article as the cause of fear of feedbacks. The fear of being criticized makes many employees fear feedbacks. This fear might have started during childhood, and it often leads one to be destructive, and develop maladaptive behaviors. Procrastination is also another cause of fear for feedbacks. One procrastinates typically when they feel helpless about a situation, and it is usually accompanied by hostility or anger. Fear of feedbacks is also caused by denial, brooding, self-sabotage, and jealousy. In dealing with fear, the article highlights some strategies that can be adopted. Some of these strategies are recognition of one's emotions and responses, reframing the feedback, seeking support, and breaking up the task. Redesigning the feedback enables one to reconstruct the feedback process to their advantage. This makes them respond to the feedbacks positively. Dividing the job of dealing with feedback allows one to deal with the manageable chunks efficiently.

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