Federalism Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-22
Federalism Essay Example
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Develop an Explanation for The Principle Of Federalism

The federalism in the United States is a relationship between the US national government, and the US State government is based on the principle of the power that each of the governments has at its capacity which is constitutionally defined. The federalism, therefore, limits the national government the ability and bestowed it on the states for them to compete for their citizens' assets, talents, and affection.

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Address the Concept of Competitive Federalism

The competitive federalism provides the state of affair between the states governments, the horizontal competition, and the national and the government of the zone, that is the vertical competition. In this case, the people have the choice to choose which government they operate within its authority. Therefore the two governments do compete for the citizenship. The investors also can make a decision on which form of government to in as the governments compete for the investors.

Explain how Federalism Empowers Citizens

The federalism empowers citizens by giving them the power to manage their local affairs at the state level which therefore foster the engagement in a democracy. This is because the federal government is a free and democratic that allows the citizens to understand their political system and make the free choice. It, therefore, enhances the respect to all, that is, both the minority and the majority.

How Federalism Replicates Own Economic Principles

The federalism replicates the own economic principles by encouraging the choices hence competition. This will promote the improvement of the; system of the government, private innovation, the customized products and price reduction. This is achieved by disciplining the government and forcing various states to compete for the citizens' talents, business, and assists. The federalism allows the citizens to choose among the competing government that offers different services. Therefore the federalism does replicate in politics the competitions that characterize the private, economic markets.

How Do Mobility and Choice Relate To Federalism

The reasoning of the mobility is all about the choices. When the options that are being offered by either the state government or the national government are not preferred by the citizens, they will leave. This ability of the exit option that is the constitutional right of the citizens efficiently places the limit on how the government is operating and how it can exploit the citizens. The federalism, therefore, determines the individual movement depending on the choices. How Federalism Addresses the Concerns Of Centralization

In the United States, the central government has a responsibility to divide between the state government and the federal. The United States federal government addresses the concern of the centralization by disapproving the passage of the blanket policies and laws that affect every state. Through federalism, each state also has the capability and constitutional power to govern anyone within their bodies.

Examination of the Advantages of Federalism; Explain or Illustrate the Disadvantages of This System

Federalism is a type of the government system. It, therefore, means that the country divides into various zones, and each zone can govern itself, to a particular extent. Under the federal government, every area is answerable to the national government, so through this, the whole country becomes unified, despite being separated in the form of regions. This type of government is found in the countries such as the United States.

The advantages of the federalism include; the governance become very more comfortable; this is because splitting the country into zones that are easier to govern compared to the central government system which needs to oversee the entire vast nation. In the federalist system of government, the local issues are given a lot of weighing through their local government hence the interest, and the needs of the people are catered. Similarly, the federal government encourages the diversity within the country, with the presence of the variety; people can choose the best places for them depending on their needs and interests. The citizens also feel closer to their government leaders such as the governors. Because the federal governments constitutionally allow the local government to be answerable to the national government, it, therefore, unifies the country. In this type of government system, people do have the power to control their regions independently. The federal leaders also have a good understanding of their respective regions. The centralized government is checked through the national type of government.

The Disadvantages of the Federalism Type of Government

The general forms of government to put the interest of the smaller regions ahead instead of the benefit of the whole area; this is called the parochialism. The general type of government may also present the potential conflicts between the federations. This can be as a result of competition and as a result of the disagreement on the legal matters. Lack of unity can also prevail in the federal system of government as a zone may feel that they are neglected. In the national order of government, the area may similarly feel out of touch with both the central government and the other zones; this mostly happens for a vast country in zones that are far apart.

Develop an Explanation for the Three Major Factors That Are Mobilizing a Possible Resurgence of American Federalism

The economic challenge, these economic challenges in the US has made the country to be concern about the resurgence of the federalism. This is because of the poor economic record. The diversity, this is seen in the many American States, because of the variety, there are the different requirement for different people, this diversity calls for the resurgence of the American Federalism. The feeling of negligence, some states in the United States of America feel that they have been neglected and therefore there is a need for them to revive the federalism for them to have the capability to develop themselves. This will enable them to have a system of government that is close to them and cater to their needs and interest.


The federal system of government can be of benefit to the problem facing the governing of the vast country. Federalist provides a way of satisfying each region's need, without the areas losing their touch with the central government. Nevertheless, federalism can lead to potential confusion and conflict in cases where it is not handled correctly.


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